February 25, 2021

Alberto Garzón leads a continuation list for a second term at the helm of IU

The federal coordinator of IU, Alberto Garzón, has presented this Thursday the list with which he will attend the XII Federal Assembly to opt for a second term at the head of the coalition. The candidacy headed by the current Minister of Consumption is called Advancing towards the Republic, and it does not present great news about the current address. Its number two will be the MEP and party spokesperson, Sira Rego, while number three will be occupied by the general secretary of the PCE and congress deputy, Enrique Santiago. The vote will be held between March 15 and 21 and, except for surprise, Garzón will be imposed on the foreseeable alternative list, headed by José Antonio García Rubio.

Garzón defends before IU to bet on the majority of the investiture in the Budgets but to dialogue with all groups

Garzón defends before IU to bet on the majority of the investiture in the Budgets but to dialogue with all groups

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Among the 79 members of the candidacy (here, whole) highlights the reincorporation in number 5 of the former coordinator of IU in Andalusia, Antonio Maíllo, who left the first political line when he was diagnosed with cancer. Maíllo has overcome the disease, but at the moment he has no intention of recovering the activity he had. He will continue as a high school teacher, although he will be part of the main body between IU assemblies.

The Garcia Rubio’s list has also been registered already, as well as the “roadmap” presenting for the coalition. The presence of the mayor of Zamora, Paco Guarido, stands out, closing the candidacy to show his support for an option that is suspicious of the understanding with Podemos and would prefer that IU regain its full autonomy.

Other prominent names in the top positions of Garzón’s candidacy are that of the current chief of staff of Irene Montero in the Ministry of Equality, Amanda Meyer, who will go in number 8. After her, the Secretary of Organization, Ismael González, and who was an IU deputy in the 2016-2019 legislature, Eva García Sempere. Other people who accompany Garzón on the list are the former head of Communication, Clara Alonso; the former councilman of the Madrid City Council Carlos Sánchez Mato and one of his main collaborators, Esther López Barceló; Manu Pineda MEP; the deputy of Madrid Vanesa Lillo; the vice president of the Parliament of La Rioja, Henar Moreno; the general secretary of the PCA, Ernesto Alba; or the deputy and leader of En Comú Podem Joan Mena, among others.

The list is a reflection of the distribution of power within IU. The federations of Andalusia and Madrid dominate, the most numerous within the organization. In addition, the PCE, the main coalition party, maintains an important quota of power within the candidacy called to reissue the leadership of the IU.

Voting will be held between March 15 and 21, 2021. In addition to the candidacy, the militants and supporters will decide on the balance of the management of the outgoing leadership and on political documents and organizational that will mark the course of IU in the coming years, with the performance in the central government as the main external task. “It is urgent to reinforce a project for a fairer, more democratic and more egalitarian country, that is, republican” and that “is capable of isolating the reactionary project of the extreme right, largely assumed by PP and Ciudadanos, and overcome the oligarchic alliance of which the Royal House is part, as the latest cases of corruption are showing, “says the political report that the candidate defends to revalidate the coordination of IU.

The weekend of March 26 and 27, 2021 The Assembly itself will be held, which has had to be delayed a couple of times due to the pandemic caused by the coronavirus.


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