Alberto Cortez dies

Alberto Cortez dies

The Argentine singer-songwriter Alberto Cortez died today at a hospital in Madrid at the age of 79, sources from the General Society of Authors (SGAE) have informed EFE.

The artist was admitted urgently on March 27 at the HM Puerta del Sur University Hospital, in Móstoles, just outside Madrid.

Cortez was scheduled to participate in several concerts that had to be suspended, including one at the National Theater of Santo Domingo (Dominican R.).

The singer and poet, born in Rancul, La Pampa, on March 11, 1940 with the name of José Alberto García Gallo, was the author of songs such as "Callejero", "Mi árbol y yo", "As of tomorrow", "You will get a rose", "Castles in the air" or "El Abuelo".

The deceased, who owned four Gold Discs and four Gold Heralds and the Gold Medal for Merit of Fine Arts, resided in Spain since 1964 and already in 1965 he participated in the Palma de Mallorca Festival with the song "He told me Pérez ", who would later interpret artists such as Karina, Mochi or Los Tres Sudamericanos.


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