Wed. Apr 8th, 2020

Alberto Chicote leaves his fans speechless with his latest childhood photo

Although the presenter of
Nightmare in the kitchen
usually gives a much harder image in their programs, Alberto Chicote It shows its most tender facet in its social networks. Specifically it has been in the social network


where the cook has left his followers speechless with a Photo that none expected. In the image we can see a Chicote very different from what we are used to.

The cook is very active on the internet, where he usually comments on his programs and shares his day to day. But what few could imagine is that it has a great hobby to show pictures of his childhood to all his followers. From time to time it is easy to see a snapshot of the presenter of La Sexta after looking in the trunk of memories.

Alberto Chicote, as a child

Alberto Chicote, as a child

While Spain was divided among those who watched the final of Discount time or the gala of OT 2020Alberto took the opportunity to show an image that demonstrates the great physical change of the Chef More media. In it we can see him in his early childhood, something that many of the spectators are not accustomed to.

“How much will it do? 48, 49 years? ”Alberto wondered. In his words, he says that many of his acquaintances tell him that he still “has the same face and the same eyes.” “And the same is true,” says the protagonist. In spite of his words, in the image only the most horny can guess that it is the star of Atresmedia.

Alberto Chicote took out his most tender side with this photo of his childhood

Alberto Chicote took out his most tender side with this photo of his childhood
(Instagram Alberto Chicote)

I want to think that I keep the same heart and the same innocence”, He said in his final sentence. But this is not the first time we can see Alberto Chicote with a image very different from what it has today. Of his tender
We have also been able to see his time at school after showing an image of when he was a preteen.

Before and after Alberto Chicote

Before and after Alberto Chicote

But the great change of the chef’s image has occurred in recent years.
31 kilos less were the result of carrying out diet advice
. It all started when he put in front of several television shows about healthy habits. The price of food, The myths of food, Superfoods, Exam diets Y New myths of food were the specials that influenced the Chef.

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