Alberto Casero is wrong again and votes in favor of investigating the Rajoy Government by the political police

He has done it again. The PP deputy for Cáceres, Alberto Casero, has made a mistake in this Thursday's vote in Congress and has cast a vote in the opposite direction to that of the rest of his bench colleagues. And not at any point. Specifically, Casero has voted in favor of a request from ERC, Bildu and Más País agreed with the PSOE to investigate the responsibility of the governments of Mariano Rajoy in what is known as police sewer for the 'Operation Catalunya'.

Alberto Casero, the PP 'plumber' investigated for corruption who was wrong to vote for the labor reform

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Alberto Casero has already become famous for being responsible for getting ahead government labor reform. After the vote against Pedro Sánchez's main partners and the last-minute swerve by the UPN deputies, Casero's error became the key for the new labor legislation to see the green light, which buried, to a large extent, the implemented by the PP.

Casero is also on the verge of being tried for various crimes of corruption in the Supreme Court. The magistrate who has investigated your case He has asked to be able to sit him on the bench for several supposedly irregular contracts that he managed during his time as mayor of the Extremaduran town of Trujillo, before making the leap to national politics.

The deputy, whose request is pending to be sent to the Congress of Deputies, is accused of crimes of prevarication and embezzlement of public funds for five allegedly irregular contracts that add up to more than 90,000 euros. In his statement as a defendant, Casero explained that order was not the "house brand" of the Trujillo City Council at that time.

His erroneous vote that allowed the coalition executive's labor reform to go ahead is also in the hands of the courts. A few days ago, the Constitutional Court admitted its appeal, that of the PP and that of Vox, against the decision of Meritxell Batet, president of the lower house, not to reconsider the possibility of Casero repeating the vote.

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