June 21, 2021

Albert Rivera, this Saturday in an act with Marín and Imbroda in full controversy due to pressure from the PP at the head of the list

Albert Rivera, this Saturday in an act with Marín and Imbroda in full controversy due to pressure from the PP at the head of the list

Rivera himself has announced the aforementioned act in his Twitter profile, consulted by Europa Press, where he has advanced that this Saturday will be released the image and campaign slogan of Cs Andalucía and where he also calls on citizens to go to it. "Many wishes, we hope," has left written.

Sources of the orange party have informed Europa Press that, once the General Council of Cs approved last week the electoral program with which the party is presented to the elections of December 2 in Andalusia, the act of this Saturday It poses as the "kick-off" and the same will shed the details of the campaign that Cs will develop with an eye on the ballot box.

Thus, the act starring Rivera with Marín and Imbroda and number two for this province, María José Torres Cuellar, magistrate of the Provincial Court of Malaga, will be held from 11.30 am at the Automobile Museum of Malaga, city that precisely also welcomes on Saturday the second day of the XXIV Intermunicipal Union of the PP, that this Friday has inaugurated the national president of the party, Pablo Casado.

On the alleged "pressure" to Imbroda to sign for the PP instead of attending the Andalusian elections as a candidate for CS has been pronounced the national spokesman for Citizens (Cs), Inés Arrimadas, who has advised the leaders of the PP- To "take a tila," because he sees them "very nervous" with the orange game ahead of the Andalusian elections.

Arrimadas commented that the PP "will have to give many explanations of the information" on Imbroda, and after defending that Cs assume they have "a very good team", has indicated that the "popular" are "on the verge of an attack nerves with Cs in the elections ".

Also Marín, on the case of Imbroda, said on Thursday that "the enemy of the PP is the PP itself, precisely because of its inefficiency, its lack of management, its lack of initiative and now tries to find the formula that is not many voters go to another political party like Cs. "

Thus, he warned that the president of PP-A, Juanma Moreno, "has been wrong for a long time." "I tried to explain it to him throughout these last years and of these last weeks: he has thought that the enemy of the PP is Cs, and the enemy of the PP is the own PP", he added. In this regard, specified that these pressures "are due to calls and messages from people very representative of the PP in all areas, logically also the autonomic", which Marín expressed that he hopes that "both Married and Moreno give explanations in this way to act, which for us is immoral. "


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