Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Albert Rivera sets out to dance the 'Swish Swish' in Ana Rosa

Albert Rivera se lanza a bailar el ‘Swish Swish’ en Ana Rosa

During the last weeks, the Program of Ana Rose It has begun a section featuring children, where political leaders to the presidency of the Government in the elections of 28-A submit to their questioning questions. Pablo Casado, Pablo Iglesias and today, have already passed through the space, Albert Rivera.

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The leader of Citizens he submitted to the third grade of six children talking about Franco, the independence movement and its political proposals. Although if something has highlighted the Catalan is to dare to dance the one known as
Swish Swish
, a choreography that is very fashionable among teenagers.

Albert Rivera poses with Ana Rosa and the children who interviewed him on Telecinco

Albert Rivera poses with Ana Rosa and the children who interviewed him on Telecinco

First was Pablo Casado playing a song by Bruno Mars on bass in The Hormiguero
, and now Albert Rivera taking out the dancer inside and trying to make one of the most fashionable choreographies among the kids. It happened during the question round in the section Once upon a time in Moncloa, when one of the girls asked him: "Do you know how to do this dance?"

The president of Ciudadanos recognized at the moment what it was about. Was The popular Swish Swish. "I do not think I know how to do it," he warned as he got up to receive a lesson from the children. "My daughter tried to teach me but I do not know how to do it," he explained. Finally he took off his jacket, rolled up his shirt and followed the instructions of the small interviewers. So he ended up doing the dance.

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