Tue. Apr 23rd, 2019

Albert Rivera pleads for legally shielding gay marriage

Rivera aboga por blindar legalmente el matrimonio gay

The Citizens program on 28-A, not yet presented and whose draft has had access The vanguard, is an amendment to the entire economic program of the Government of Pedro Sanchez, with a plan of tax rebates to "help the self-employed and families," in addition to picking a strategy opposed to the PSOE to respond to the pro-independence attack. But not only: also marks clear distances in social issues with Vox and even the PP when proposing an update of the Constitution that guarantees that Spain is a nation of "free and equal men". Among the modifications that it defends Albert Rivera Its the guarantee and shield gay marriage by law before possible attempts to modify the law approved in 2005.

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Exactly, in a section of the document that asks to "update the Constitution to guarantee equality", Cs defends "shielding marriage between LGTBI people and include the right to non-discrimination based on orientation or sexual condition. "

With this measure, which some in the party call "anti-Vox clause", Ciudadanos wants to put black on white their support to the LGTBI collective despite the criticism that has been received in recent months for having come with rainbow flags to the manifestation of Columbus Pedro Sanchez, and in which Rivera ended up on stage photographed with the Vox leader, Santiago Abascal, and the PP, Pablo Casado.

At the beginning of the campaign, Rivera He already pointed out the intentions that the Cs program now picks up. "This country has taken many steps in civil liberties, we are a country with different families, but all families: an LGTBI, a shared custody, a surrogate gestation ... You have to be by their side".

The liberal program incorporates more measures in support of the LGTBI collective and against discrimination. "We will toughen sanctions for behavior that violates constitutional symbols and promotes terrorism or promotes hate behavior (racism, sexism, LGTBIphobia ...)," they say.

In this sense, Cs will promote a new "Law of Real Equality for the LGTBI collective to end any discrimination based on identity, orientation or sexual condition ". With concrete applications, such as the facilitation of "access to temporary housing for LGTBI people, especially young people, who are forced to leave their homes due to family refusal of their sexual orientation".

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