August 1, 2021

Albert Rivera denies having skipped a security check in El Prat

Albert Rivera denies having skipped a security check in El Prat

The president of Citizens, Albert Rivera, today denied having escaped a security check in El Prat, as several media have reported that include a supposed breach between the escorts of the politician, National Police agents and private security guards of the airport.

According to a statement from the private security union Alternativa Sindical, which Efe has had access to, and which includes the service part of that day, October 7, one of Rivera's bodyguards said that he should not pass control when the indicator jumped random.

According to the workers, once the politician had passed, the agents recriminated the employees of the security company for having "interfered with their operation" and threatened them, saying: "Next time I'll put the shackles on you and take you away."

Since Citizens have indicated that Rivera "at all times followed the instruction of the National Police" in the security control and that the national police officers accompanying the leader of the party "identify themselves with the guard" that gave them "instruction to let him continue under your responsibility. "

"Once past the control, (Rivera) complied with the orders indicated by the exclusive criteria of the agents and has never refused to stop at any control when it has been required to do so, therefore, it is a question that depends on the criteria and the authority, exclusively, of the National Police ", point out from Citizens in their statement.

Police sources, meanwhile, have indicated to Efe that it was a security guard who first allowed the passage to Rivera, who has a police escort for risk assessment.

Later, when he had passed the control zone with one of the escorts, another guard from the same company told them that this could not be done and that the politician had to be subjected to control.

Then, according to the police sources, the second escort indicated that it had been the comrade of the guard who had told him that it could happen.

These same sources emphasize that neither Rivera escaped control nor did there exist a "scuffle" between the agents and the control workers.

According to the trade union Alternativa Sindical, the company has cited the guards and could open a file for breaching the mandate of collaboration with the security forces.

The secretary of Organización de Podemos, Pablo Echenique, has asked through his personal Twitter account why Rivera "wants (and gets) to skip the traces control detected if you have been in recent contact with drugs or explosives."

"I have done it ALL the times that they have requested it to me, it is very simple and it lasts 2 minutes", the person in charge of Podemos has apostille.


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