December 4, 2020

Albert Pla puts ‘Fear’ in the Galdós

Directed by Pepe Miravete, habitual in the author’s last works of records such as No solo de rumba vive el hombre (1992) and Veintegenarios en Alburquerque (1997); visuals from Nueveojos, “a reference studio in Spain and a pioneer in the world of mapping”, according to the production details; arte de Mondongo, the Argentine artist couple Juliana Lafitte and Manuel Mendanha; and music by Raül Refree, this montage is a production of the Complejo Teatral de Buenos Aires premiered at the Teatro Regio in January 2018, with a record of 28 performances and 12,000 spectators.

Conceived with the title of Fear, in which the public is invited to participate in “an intimate journey through all the stages of man, from childhood to beyond earthly life, loaded with sensations, emotions and feelings born of the ghost that lives in our minds ”, the coronavirus pandemic has joined the show, the invisible enemy of contemporary society, and is transformed into Fear 2.0.

Since his debut in Buenos Aires, Albert Pla has been on tour for a year and a half with this project. The artist and his agency were scheduled to hold a tour of Latin America in the second half of this year, which was aborted due to the health crisis, and it was decided to cover different Spanish towns, including Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura. The epidemiological situation in Spain has forced the cancellation of a good part of the dates in the national territory, which does not affect the dates in the Islands, according to the producer Colibrí Gestión y Servicios.

The pandemic gives another dimension to this montage that features music by Raúl Refree


In theaters

“It is a staging for Italian theaters”, detail Jose Quintana, of the aforementioned production company, in which he had been working for months to close the contract. In Pérez Galdós, it is part of the Culture in Action program of the capital city council. The soundtrack of Miedo, now Miedo 2.0, and which is the musical support of this scenic proposal, was published in October 2018, with eleven cuts, all signed by Pla and Refree, except for the song Encierro in which Rocío Márquez also participates .

The songs appear here as “a way of frightening or facing one’s own fears”, which give way to “the catharsis of laughter, liberation”. The aforementioned Entierro, Muerto, A por mi, Dancing, Doll, Skulls, Circus Mouse, Park, Leave me and Goodbye Mom, are the sound passages in which Albert Pla stops to scare away what scares us with his usual irony: ” Since I know I’m dead, I never get sick anymore ”, sings Pla en Muerto. “Sing, sing, don’t stop singing, if you stop singing you will die”, reflects the single-verb artist.

“I’m afraid of everything,” Pla sentences onstage as he walks through the places where you have to face panic, threat, paranoia and anguish. The mirror of a year indoors, of virtuality and confinement.

In addition to Fear 2.0, Pla has Matacerdos on tour, reviewing his songbook with Judith Farrés and Diego Cortés. And in the midst of the pandemic, the Catalan has dispatched the first season of Spain of Bourbon, a nonsense of eleven videos about the royal family; and with the agenda empty due to the virus, he opened a window to the public: Albert Pla sings you: two songs exclusively by wasap for 70 euros.


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