Albert Pla: "I do not feel like a political singer" | Culture

Albert Pla: "I do not feel like a political singer" | Culture

He arrives at the ranch like a fleeing child who enters a new school. He wears a checkered shirt that looks Scottish, although they would like to disguise it in their smallness. It is promotional, an activity that is incomprehensible. But it has a new disc, Fear, first in seven years, held together with Raül Refree, and a linked multimedia show that is set to take on tour throughout Spain, starting in Barcelona on Thursday, October 18. Fear It goes, of course, about fear, "something about which I had not done anything". Nor on transatlantic ones, right? "Do not believe, I also think about them and about 1,500 other ideas, but sometimes they come out ahead," he says evasively. However, when Albert Pla (Sabadell, 1966) looks into the eyes is when espeta "shit the bitch, lately I always pigeonhole as a political or social singer, there is no way to escape it in the interviews. You speak of fear and scare the children and then the headline is 'I shit on the king.' Although it is known that part of the game does not accuse, it only shows perplexity.

The statement can leave so, perplexed, because Pla seems to follow a controversy that ultimately pays with some statements. It abounds in the subject: "If you ask me about politics I will answer you, but I am tired, everything is too politicized, everything is very social, and I do not feel social, I do not feel like talking about it. And as I did these songs I realized that when dealing with intimate topics, -although they do not talk about me, I invent them because they are not a therapy-, more and more generalized and more people arrive. When you talk about politics you separate from people, at least those who do not think like you. I do not know, political issues are not my thing, with them you always find yourself in a quagmire. " So you tell the truth when it comes to feelings and you lie or pretend when you talk? "If you want, put that." It seems that both give arre or so, but not: "Well, of course I tell lies, and sometimes I do not think what I say, depends on how I got up. There are people able to maintain a position eternally, to be always coherent, I can not. If they squeeze me with questions I can end up saying that I shit in Catalonia just to be left alone. What bothers me is that the policy is so invasive that in the end it seems that you can not sing songs that do not speak about Albert Rivera. "

It seems you can not sing songs that do not talk about Albert Rivera "

And it is not the orange politician who speaks Fear, probably one of the best albums of Pla so much for its richness, you can see the hand of Refree, as well as its lyrics. Fear dresses in them different skins: fear of a doll that is the lover that will take the father of the child protagonist; fear of a Tooth Fairy who starts teeth, fear of the park where that child is so strong that he always hits, the circus clown, to death, very present in the record, restlessness due to mom's departure with another child's father … Pure Pla. Why again songs about dark feelings? Pla opens his eyes like an incredulous child, gesticulates elusively, seems to say "I do not want to respond to that", but he does it: "I thought it was a good starting point, and there are many love songs, and to make the artists dance verbeneros There are many people who do that well, today I do not get it ".

The album breaks seven years of silence by the artist from Sabadell


Thus, fear and children articulate Pla's new album: "Children? I love them, I like their universe and I feel quite young. Last year, I made the clown Tortell Poltrona more than 50 concerts for children, but no one noticed, and that everyone is filling their mouths with children. For me they are just people, a normal audience, "he says as he looks at the wall and rubs his hands on his pants legs. "After all," he continues, "everything is a fantasy: fears, history, countries, education, your watch, the rings, fantasies that we think are real." Why is it difficult for you to explain yourself in interviews? "Sure, everything is a ritual, the interviews and going on stage." The adult with the appearance of an uncomfortable child under the teacher's gaze relaxes, the umpteenth interview ends. The same is true, just as everything is a lie. What would be of this world if only certainty reigned? Pity not to have asked Albert Pla.


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