June 21, 2021

Albert Arenas, first winner and leader of Moto3 – La Provincia

The Spanish pilot Albert Sands (KTM) has taken the first victory of the course in Moto3 at the Qatar Grand Prix, the inaugural test of the Motorcycle World Championship, after winning the British John McPhee (Honda) in a tight final, while Jaume Masià (Honda) has stayed off the podium for stepping on the green in the last lap.

The one of Girona, of 23 years, thus obtains his fourth triumph of his trajectory in the championship and is the first leader of the small category, an award to his insistence for pulling the group during much of the race in the Losail Circuit. In addition, it gives KTM its 100th victory in the World Cup.

Next to him they climbed onto the McPhee podium, which did not take advantage of the goal-line rebuild and entered 53 thousandths of Catalan, and the Japanese Ai Ogura (Honda), which rose a position as a result of the Masià sanction.

Algemesí’s, who passed the goal third, stepped on the green in one last lap, a maneuver penalized since last year with the loss of a final position and which has also claimed a place for Gabri Rodrigo (Honda), Jeremy Alcoba (Honda) and Tony Arbolino (Honda).

To Japanese Tatsuki Suzuki (Honda), who aspired to become the first ‘poleman‘of the small category to win in Qatar since 2015, when the French Alexis Masbou achieved it, only the privilege lasted after a clean start, which took Arbolino and the Spanish Raúl Fernández (KTM) to challenge himself to the front.

Arenas, which started third after Madrid, joined the list of eleven pilots of the initial head group and went on to lead the race. With the passing of the laps, a front quintet was formed, in which, in addition to Fernández and the Girona, Masià and Sergio Garcia Dols (Estrella Galicia 0,0).

Nevertheless, in the absence of ten turns for the end in Losail the rhythm was decaying and the pilots were grouped, happening in the first place; Although the group was cut again with six laps ahead, everything came tight to the last.

The South African Darryn Binder (KTM), which had first entered the penultimate turn, he went to the ground, and the fight was fierce. Among all of them, Arenas was the most horny and first saw the checkered flag.

With Masià and Alcoba fourth and seventh respectively after their penalty, Raúl Fernández closed the ‘Top 10’. In addition, Sergio García Dols was eleventh and Alonso Lopez (Husqvarna) thirteenth and Carlos Tatay (KTM), twenty-first.


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