Alba's plane and Marcelo's helicopter | sports

Alba's plane and Marcelo's helicopter | sports

Men who play. I believe more in emotional energy and in instinctive connections than in tactical obsession. The system serves as a reference when the ball is lost. When you recover, you have to mess up your opponent and for that you need talent for deception. Individual and collective. Jordi Alba goes through the band with optimism. He knows that his effort will be rewarded by a perfect Messi pass. Once I defined Jordi as a plane about to take off. Marcelo, on the other hand, is a helicopter. Player who turns on himself, who brakes and starts to brake again, he takes his time for everything and ends up unbalancing as a forward. This was demonstrated against the Kashima. Both are very good and antagonistic. For evidences like that, when they talk about a 4-3-3, ask with which players. Only they give meaning to the game. Multiply by 11 the differences between Jordi Alba and Marcelo, and the tactical drawings will become scribbles.

Can the best be the problem? Madrid is in crisis and nobody finds the reasons. As it is always measured based on the results, there is no unit of measure to analyze the game. Out of that confusion, crazy conclusions emerge. For example, the following: the name of the solution is the same name as that of the problem: Isco. The team tries to get out of the crisis with such correction that it is boring. And when someone takes the risk of doing different things that add threat to the plays, pay the consequences. If Isco does not get a dribble or a pass risk, he receives the disapproval of the fans and the media. But the technical and imaginative footballers are the only ones able to break the routine game that can turn a great team into any team. They just need not to be crucified for being brave.

It is crack every day. And now let's talk about Isco's responsibility, because those who criticize are the owners of the opinions, but he is the master of the facts and is not fulfilling expectations. A friend, who is a good observer, went to see Messi for the first time live and he called me between worried and surprised: "Do not run!", He told me. In effect, it is only responsible for winning the matches. It complies with the part of the contract that commits a genius: be the best, be decisive. Nobody asks Isco for an equally dazzling efficiency, so he will have to run as meritorious and play like the crack he is. To gather technical and physical confidence, authority before the teammates and positional security, there are the training sessions, the most relevant professional moment of the day for a soccer player. The one who takes advantage of that time, progresses; that no…

Madrid against the owner of the ball. The Club World today comes from many modifications and will have more in the future, like everything that can produce money. It is played by the champions of all the Confederations and the local, which is like the owner of the ball when we were small (chubby, bad, unquestionable holder). Only in this case, in addition to the ball, it puts the country, the stadium and the money. Accustomed to the short look, this championship is interested in telling us about the state of affairs in the world. Only Europe can feel satisfied, winner of all the titles, except one (Corinthians, 2012), since 2007. The other continents are still fighting against irrelevance. Especially serious is that of South America, a proud power for decades. The Bernabéu Final was a symptom; the defeat against the owner of the ball, a verdict: decadence rotted everything.

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