Mon. Nov 18th, 2019

Alba Carrillo's controversial sexual attack on Gianmarco

The house of Guadalix de la Sierra continues upside down. The contestants of the seventh edition of
They have been living together for many weeks and the quarrels have become real wars among the inhabitants of the place. One of the last has been between Alba Carrillo and Gianmarco, and even had character sexual.

The events happened during this Sunday's live debate. Both held a discussion in which they quickly reproached many things, but one especially did not go unnoticed by the viewers' hearing and to themselves.

"Every time I sit in the toilet, I don't know if I'm going to get pregnant."

And, in the middle of the discussion, Carrillo asked his partner to go "to make a straw." A few words that he repeated in a loop until he specified that it was "there in the shower". Then she asked for "respect" because "is that I Every time I sit in the toilet I don't know if I'm going to get pregnant"

These statements did not like the Italian at all, who reproached his partner for both his attitude and his attack. "How disgusting, Alba, how disgusting", he exclaimed as she insisted on his speech: "I don't masturbate in a reality show."

“Extremely ugly”

Gianmarco, on the other hand, felt very offended with Carrillo and confessed that “what you said is extremely ugly, it disgusts me". However, the contestant of GH VIP 7 remained in the same with what until recently was his friend. Because yes, the relationship between the two has plummeted.

"You stopped talking to me for no reason, you don't relate to me and you're not the same person anymore, ”Alba Carrillo reprimanded Gianmarco after the Italian dealt with Joao, Pol, Adara and Estela's side more now. A criticism that he responded with another to allege that it relates to "who feels good."

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