Mon. Mar 30th, 2020

Alba Carrillo ‘disappears’ from Telecinco: ‘You need to breathe’

It is one of the great absences since the end of the Christmas holidays and even once the season has resumed in Telecinco. Alba Carrillo, finalist of

, has not appeared in any program of the chain for two weeks. Not even in which he participates as a collaborator,
It’s already noon
, which features Sonsoles Ónega.

The model has been missing since he starred in a strong fight with another of the collaborators of It’s already noonMiguel Frigenti. An argument that ended Alba Carrillo off the set very angry. Since then, nothing more has been known about the collaborator, who has not participated in her program, nor neither has he entered to compete in Discount time
which premiered this Sunday Telecinco.

Alba needs a little breathing ”

Even if
Alba really has been seen with her partner, host Santi Burgoa
, the repeated absence of his program has forced Sonsoles Ónega to take action on the matter and to ask one of the best friends of the model “if Alba Carrillo is coming”. He was sent to Miguel Ángel Nicolás, with whom Alba has a very good relationship.

“First I ask permission because I will ask if I am going to ask and the octopus will fall,” said Ónega to protect herself from being able to fall on her for asking about Alba Carrillo. His friend’s response has been: “Alba needs a little breathing. I think the day he came here was too soon. He still had his head in the house and, perhaps, it was a premature thing. ”

'GH VIP 7': Santi Burgoa's message of love to Alba Carrillo

‘GH VIP 7’: Santi Burgoa’s message of love to Alba Carrillo

Miguel Ángel Nicolás commented that “I did it with the intention that before the end of the year and going on vacation the thing would be solved …. It was not so. I hope that for the good of all and for the love we have it, everything will be fixed, that I go to the house and everything will be as it was again. ”At the moment the return of Alba Carrillo to television is not expected.

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