July 25, 2021

Alavs vs Real Madrid: Lopetegui starts to finish time …

Alavs vs Real MadridTOMadrid is without goals … or play

Lopetegui after the Alavs goal

A crisis like no one remembered in Madrid. Because there are four games without winning, almost seven hours without scoring, because he practically does not even do it, because as much as right nowis tied with the Bara points, the signals can not be worse.

The looks no longer only point to Lopetegui, becausethe fitness of some players is worrisome, beyond the absence of Isco and Marcelo, whose losses, that s, should never be an excuse; but we already know that the thread always breaks on the weakest side. The chronometer is already in mind for Julen.

He has not hit the key. By the way,a lost title, three defeats, two of them in Liga… and a black horizon ahead.Vincius as a symptom, the player who has entered from the bench, first beforeMarianoin the derby, in Vitoria beforeLuke, to fix Madrid's problems. The numbers turn their backs, but more worryingit's the downline in terms of game and chances. The parn arrives at the worst moment.The more doubts there are.

But the lights are not only for Lopetegui, because the template is what it is and the state of players that must be decisive is not even by far the best. Modric, Ramos, Benzema, Bale … None approaches their best level. Nor those who must take a step forward, case of Asensio and Ceballos. In the same way, ao a ao Madrid has been losing players of much level whose void has not been filled. Let's see if they are going to have to sign in winter …

Historic the Alavs, that sleeps as colder after a victory that is always remembered in Vitoria. The boys ofAbelardo, that goes for statue inMendizorroza, held the white stake to take advantage at the end a move to baln stopped for a Alava player of pure strain,Manu Garca, will mark one of the goals of his life.

The pulse of the most vibrant party was maintainedOdriozola and Jonyin one of the bands,the right of Madrid, theleft of the Alavs. The sprints were continuous, as well as some other poisonous center to the heart of the area, because both have very good foot. The Madridista even dared with a caoDuarte. It was fromlittle excitingfrom the soccer point of view in the afternoon.

YJony had it in 76 'with an unbeatable race, starting from the middle of the field and fighting withVarane. His shot went slightly off target, who knows if touched byCourtois. Until that momentit was the clearest occasion of the match.

They had them in all colorsSergio RamosYJonathan Callerifrom almost the first action of the game, central and forward, by high and low. Nevertheless,Jaime Latrewas postponing the cards, when the repetitions made it clear that they were deserved. It was the underground duel of the afternoon.


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