October 27, 2020

Alaska: “Whoever says that ‘Neighborhood Cinema’ doesn’t hit me is that they don’t know me”

Alaska and Concha Velasco, on the set of ‘Cine de barrio’.

Since his debut on the small screen in 1984 with one of the most emblematic programs on TVE-1, ‘La bola de cristal’, Alaska (Oblivion Gara, as recorded in his birth certificate) has never parked his television collaborations, which have been intensifying since, in 2011, she let the cameras enter her own home to star alongside her husband, the talkative Mario Vaquerizo, in the fun MTV reality ‘Alaska y Mario’. But for someone who confesses that she has been hooked on all the editions of ‘Neighborhood cinema‘, take the lead this Saturday, September 26 (7:00 p.m.) from the veteran space of TVE-1 It will not be just another title on your resume.

It’s like a fan meets his idol. She was a follower of the program in all its different stages and formats, “she explains to The newspaper on one of the most traditional spaces of the public channel, which is about to turn 25 years on the air. “Since I was with the Pegamoids, I have always said that the Spanish cinema of the 50s, 60s and 70s was a large part of the basis of the emotional culture that we have and that we shares. It is a subject that I like, that I know and that I enjoy “, emphasizes the artist who was the paradigm of modernity during the Madrid scene with her daring punk aesthetic. That is why she says:” Whoever says that ‘Cine de barrio’ doesn’t hit me is that he does not know me. Even one of the albums on ‘Fangoria’ is called ‘The strange journey’, in homage to Fernando Fernán Gómez “.

“Very dear and different”

Concha Velasco, in front of ‘Cine de barrio’ during the last decade and who will give him the witness this Saturday, he is clear: “For Alaska to replace me is a success for TVE, because he is a very dear and very different person“The actress and ‘exchica yeyé’ have assured. Experience presenting is not lacking for the interpreter of ‘Bailando’, which TVE has already signed for ‘Alaska y Coronas’ and ‘Alaska y Segura’.

Precisely, that adjective “different” to which Velasco alluded has accompanied the vocalist of Fangoria throughout her career. The one that was ‘Almodóvar girl’ in one of the first films of the manchego, ‘Pepi, Luci, Bom and other girls of the bunch’, He has had enough of singing hymns claiming that you have to be yourself despite whoever you might like, like ‘Who cares’, one of her most famous titles, which she performed in the 80s with her sharp nails, her face loaded with makeup and her colorful hair.

It was his time with Dinarama, after Kaka de Luxe and Los Pegamoides, and long before the current Fangoria, where he continues with his childhood friend Nacho Canut, who has always accompanied him on his musical adventures and who, of course, was one of the fixed characters in Alaska and Mario. He ‘reality’, which allowed the public to discover the daily life of the couple, It also served for the singer and the leader of the Nancys Rubias to go back through the altar in Madrid after their first wedding, 20 years ago, in Las Vegas, in which he was Elvis Presley, he and she, Dolly Parton. And that Alaska assures that it is “serious, very obedient and not at all rebellious.” “One of my friends tells me that I am a soldier who needs to believe her general. I need to believe in what you propose to do it. But I do not think that is rebellion, just that I have common sense,” she emphasizes. .

Movies from the 80s and 90s

His arrival at ‘Cine de barrio’ will coincide with a season in which the program will broadcast Spanish films from the 80s and 90s. “It wasn’t me, it’s something that was already planned”, it states. In fact, he assures that he does not want to “disrupt the format”, and praises the work that his predecessors did before: José Manuel Parada, “who was the creator and whose stage with his snacks with all the guests were blessed glory”; Carmen Sevilla, “with her genius and her anecdotes”; Inés Ballester, and Elena S. Sánchez, “who is the face of the house for cinema.”

And he claims that the program is open to all types of viewers. “There is a mistaken feeling that ‘Neighborhood Cinema’ is only seen by the public that, due to age, could have gone to the premiere of those films. And that is not true. Young people I know like those films”, he emphasizes, specifying at the same time: “Obviously, they are not the prototype of youth or mature because I, as a sample, am a disaster. You will never be able to make a statistic based on my world, because it will give you an error”.


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