Alan García says that the investigations against him must be done "without hatred"

Peruvian President Alan García asserted today that the investigations against him must be done "without hatred or humiliation", hours before a judge analyzes a fiscal request to prevent him from leaving the country in the Odebrecht case.

"Much less forcing or buying testimonials, today they make scandal, tomorrow they will not have proof," the president added through a thread of messages on his Twitter account.

The exmandatario, who on the eve formalized his compliance with the request of the prosecutor against money laundering Jose Domingo Perez to order his impediment to leave the country for 18 months, said he took this step because he has "interest in deepening all investigation".

The precautionary measure against García, who is investigated in the framework of the bribes that the Brazilian company Odebrecht paid for the construction of Line 1 of the Lima Metro, was requested by Pérez after his decision to extend the investigation against García to the crimes of collusion and money laundering, following the revelation of signs that he received money from Odebrecht.

According to the IDL-Reporters news portal, García reportedly received $ 100,000 from Odebrecht, through the company of José Américo Spinola, to give a conference to the Federation of Industries of the State of Sao Paulo (Fiesp).

Spinola, an effective collaborator of the Brazilian Justice, explained before these that he paid Garcia with contracts dated prior to the actual moment of his subscription in order to mask the illicit payments.

To this test are added the emails exchanged through the Drousys system between the head of the structured operations sector or Caja 2, Marcos Grillo, under the pseudonym Visamark, and Spinola, with the alias Joe, where they coordinate the payment method to García and Spinola's fees for this "service".

The new accusation filed by the prosecution against Garcia was qualified this Friday as "abuse" by the exmandatario because, as he pointed out, "in 2012 he was not president" and "he could hire any conference."

"I dictated the talk, I received the fees in my account in Lima and I paid 30% of taxes immediately," the exmandatario added in his Twitter account.

Judge Juan Carlos Sanchez Balbuena will begin this Saturday at 3:00 pm (18:00 GMT) the hearing where he will evaluate the request of the prosecutor José Domingo Pérez.

Suspicions about Garcia have gained weight since Odebrecht executive Carlos Nostre told prosecutors that the company paid $ 24 million in bribes for Line 1 of the Lima Metro, of which 14 were directed to senior officials of his government.

The purpose of the request to prevent the country from leaving is to prevent Garcia from evading the process, as he did in 1992, when he went into exile in Colombia and then lived in France, until in 2001 he was declared to have prescribed an accusation for alleged enrichment. illicit during his first term (1985-1990).


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