Alamany and Nuet present a manifesto on Tuesday that claims the "sovereignty" of the comuns

Alamany and Nuet present a manifesto on Tuesday that claims the "sovereignty" of the comuns

The manifesto calls "to straighten the course of Catalonia in Comú, recover the foundational values ​​of space and reach sectors that have stopped feeling challenged by the project."

The promoters want to create the platform 'A nou futur en comú' to "overcome the vices and inertias of the traditional parties that grip Catalonia in Comú" and leave behind the withdrawal that, in his opinion, is playing the leading role of some sectors of the party of independentist positions.

Upon hearing the manifesto, on Monday the national coordinator of CatComu, Ramon Arnabat, has replied in statements to the media that they have not separated from the sovereignty road and that the statutes of the formation determine that their sovereignty in the national axis goes " federalism to the independence movement, going through all its variants ".

"This is defined by the ideology: within sovereignty, there are positions on the national issue ranging from independence to federalism, including all its variants, which is the agreement we have," he said, recalling that the base that keeps the formation is: to be sovereignists, to put the social axis ahead of other issues and its will to be a democratic party.


The discrepancies between the management and Alamany and Nuet start from the debate that took place within the party to choose the national coordinators who should lead the training.

The then national coordinator of CatComú, Xavier Domènech, decided to present a candidacy and commissioned the preparation of his team proposal to the program coordinator, Marc Parés, who undertook to present a new list that would keep members of the previous executive, but increasing the number of independents.

Parés presented a document of criteria to make the list, and then look for the people and profiles that met them, regardless of whether they were of one or another formation or of none of them, "with the idea of ​​adding, growing and overcoming the quota logic of the previous Executive ", to grow at a Catalan territorial level.

The friction jumped when Alamany was nominated to accompany Domènech in the coordination of the party while from other spaces of the party it was proposed to Candela López (ICV) and Lucía Martín (ECP), although it was finally agreed that it would be the own mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, who would lead the party with Domènech and that the deputy in the Congress of ECP, Joan Mena (EUiA), would be the new spokesperson.

Then, sectors close to the spokeswoman in the Parlament assured that to Parés they imposed a proposal to him that discarded to Alamany of the direction "by being independentista".

However, sources of the party leadership recalled that there are independentistas declared in positions of responsibility of the comuns, such as the deputy mayor of Barcelona, ​​Jaume Asens, –the man from Colau who accompanied Iglesias on Friday to meet with Junqueras in the prison of Lledoners (Barcelona) -.


After the document became public, Parés has expressed in a note on his Twitter account collected by Europa Press that he has not endorsed the Alamany and Nuet document, as it had been published.

"All of us are necessary to make a winning project, I have always defended the comuns as a sovereignty project, but I have to clarify that I have not signed any manifesto, diversity makes us strong if we are united," he warned.

In the same social network, the mayor of Badalona has also refused to be part of the drivers of the letter, as had been speculated.

"I am neither a promoter nor a signer of an internal manifesto of the comuns, but it is always good that political debates like this arise." Guanyem Badalona in Comú is the meeting place between federalists and independentists, where sovereignty, social justice and democratic radicalism are the key ", has settled.


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