January 21, 2021

Al-Khelaifi, president of the PSG, gets rid of corruption charges

He was accused of bribing Jerome Valcke, former FIFA secretary general, to secure television rights for several editions of the World Cup

Nasser Al-Khelaifi he is president of the PSG, but he is also president of BeIN, the largest television conglomerate in Qatar. It is on television and not by the club that the accusation of the Swiss prosecutor’s office of «Instigate unfair management» from former FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke.

In principle, he was accused of corruption, but FIFA dropped those charges after reaching an agreement with Al-Khelaifi. The “instigation of unfair management” is maintained for having made irregular maneuvers so that your company became the winner of the television rights of several editions of the World Cup and the Confederations Cup.

Previous FIFA secretary general Jerome Valcke is accused of “passive corruption, multiple unfair management and forgery of documents.” Valcke is a veteran in court. When FIFA’s corruption plot was made public during Blatter’s tenure, which ended several of his executives in prison, he was disabled for ten years.

Valcke is accused of having used his influence as FIFA’s general secretary so that the audiovisual rights for Italy and Greece of important football events planned in the 2018-2030 period fall on his preferential television partners in exchange for 1.25 million of euros received in three payments.

In addition, he received the return of a deposit of half a million euros which he had made for the purchase of a villa in Sardinia after an Al-Khelaifi acquired it through a company. Valcke enjoyed that villa for a year and a half without paying the rent, estimated for that period between 900,000 and one million eight hundred thousand euros.

FIFA’s private agreement with Al-Khelaifi prevents the Swiss prosecution from continuing to investigate these “favors.” “Corruption between private persons is a crime that is prosecuted on the basis of a complaint, so its withdrawal implies that one of the conditions for the criminal procedure to continue is not met,” acknowledges the Swiss prosecution.

“After a thorough three-year investigation, in which I cooperated fully and openly with the Swiss prosecutor, I am glad that all allegations of corruption in the 2026 and 2030 World Cups have been abandoned,” says Al-Khelaifi it’s a statement.

“Our client is now only accused of a single infraction: having prompted Jérôme Valcke not to return alleged advantages to FIFA. Our client has not been able to express itself about it ”, express their lawyers.


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