Al Baskonia does not come with the final reaction against Olympiacos | sports

Al Baskonia does not come with the final reaction against Olympiacos | sports

The Olympiacos gave him the door of the Araba pavilion in the nose to the Baskonia, an inconsistent team this time that must learn that not all the mountain is Fuenlabrada. The team from Vitoria assumes its first European defeat of the season two days before visiting Real Madrid in the same competition. Despite his final arreón, the team led by Pedro Martinez weighed the sins of the first three quarters. The final minutes gave him to make the pavilion vibrate and also to realize that they can beat anyone, but with another disposition during the 40 minutes.

Baskonia, 80 – Olympiacos, 85

Baskonia: Huertas (0), Shields (2), Hilliard (8), Voigtmann (2), Poirier (10) -five start-Vildoza (7), González (0), Janning (6), Diop (2), Granger ( 17), Shengelia (21), Garino (1).

Olympiacos: Spanoulis (11), Williams-Goss (11), Timma (0), Printezis (5), Milutinov (23) -five start-Toupane (11), Strelnieks (10), Vezenkov (4), Papanikolaou (8), Mantzaris (0), Bogris (2), Leday (0).

Referees: M. Boultauzer (Esl), Latisevs (Let), A. Balak (Tur). Without eliminated.

Fernando Buesa Arena Pavilion, 10,327 spectators.

Al Baskonia, irregular and evanescent in much of the crash, he lacked consistency in the first part. It seemed to come out with the studied duties, was applied in the initial compasses, squeezed the elbows, but as the minutes passed was like when the school year comes the second month of the quarter and the attention decays, and the teacher, in this case Pedro Martinez , students are distracted. The intensity of the beginning was diluted with the correcalles from side to side, and in this transfer the Olympiacos was bearing fruit.

The hard work in defense of the Greek team, drowned the Vitorians, supported by the success of Shengelia, which however, could not multiply. Although their numbers shone, the collective game resented with attrition. The Olympiacos enjoyed the effort, found the spaces by the clairvoyance of the veteran Spanoulis and hit much more than the Baskonia.

The second quarter was similar to the first. The Baskonia managed to leave Olympiacos dry for three minutes, but then remitted. The announced gale of Pedro Martinez's men became a breeze that pushed his rivals. The numbers of the rest left no hint of doubt. The Greeks improved in all the percentages of the Vitorians, uncomfortable always, without clarity in the shot under the hoop, without aim in the distant resource. The 11 points of difference in the first quarter, were extended to 14 in the break.

Pedro Martinez, who tested with Huertas at the beginning, had him again after the break, but Brazilian medicine did not affect the team, neither did Granger's in the first part, nor Vildoza's appeal. The problem was deeper. The distribution did not work, but neither the defensive aids nor the offensive traffic. The Baskonia seemed to want to score with clubs, so, almost without ruffling, Olympiacos went to 19 points difference. Two free throws reduced the bleeding to 17 and a triple of Granger on the horn and from his own field, made up the disaster of Vitoria before the start of the last quarter. But the bleeding increased

If the intensity of the Greeks maintained a regular trajectory, that of the Basques oscillated in impulses. That irregularity was the key to the defeat but it also served to let the Olympiacos fear enter the body and their men began to shake their hand in a final minutes terrifying for them.

Pushed by the three-pointers of Granger (3 of 4) and the push of Shengelia, who scored 21 points, the Vitorians approached on the scoreboard and got three points from the tumble. Milutinov avoided him under the basket, with his most opportunistic baskets. In the absence of 1.03 gave the feeling that the Araba Pavilion could live another of its magical moments. Poirier scored and put the Baskonia to five points; Spanoulis, almost impeccable until then, let him steal a ball that bounced quietly, and Shengelia crushed the ring to put his team to three points. There was no miracle, however. The Greeks kept a cool head in the final seconds and took the victory.

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