July 11, 2020

Aitor, the Levante goalkeeper, "freed" from going to the polling station on 10 N

Maybe Levante can count on his goalkeeper Aitor Fernández, who was a substitute for a polling station on Sunday 10 N. If the incumbent does not go, it is up to the substitute to be collecting votes all day. But Aitor is going to get lucky. He will probably have to appear in the morning, after he was denied the request not to go because he had a match in San Mamés against Athletic. He will have to go, but he won't have to stay.

"" Unless it is a vital thing, which I cannot say there anymore, I will be safe at eight in the morning. That is, in that sense be very calm. You can already tell Aitor that for me there is no problem. I will go at eight yes or yes. He already touched me earlier and this is the second time he touches me, but tell him how calm … ", he confirmed in an interview with 'Superdeporte" Begoña Balanzategi, neighbor of Mondragón, who is the president of the table. President and as she acknowledges, although she does not like football: Real Sociedad.

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