Aitor Elizegi: The cook who ate the institutional apparatus | sports

Aitor Elizegi: The cook who ate the institutional apparatus | sports

The family of Aitor Elizegi Alberdi (Bilbao, 1966) did not like it very much if his son decided to enroll in the second class of the Hotel School of Galdakao. They thought of a more conventional career: "I gave my father a dislike. It was a failure because he was a draftsman and worked all his life in the same company. "

But the new president of Athletic, who took handfuls of eels from his grandmother, a fisherman, to eat them cold, and distributed the bread loaves of his mother's shop for the houses, he was hopelessly attracted to the stove and the pots, which he burst into when he had just arrived in the Basque Country. to exploit the revolution of the kitchen, the revolutionary recipes began to displace the traditional stews, and the thermomix to the pressure cooker.

In the nineties he embarked on an adventure with the restaurant Gaminiz de Plentzia, and later expanded his perspectives and his business. He became an apostle of Slow Food, a commitment to good food and the environment. The public began to discover him through his collaborations on Radio Bilbao, where he explained the motivations of that movement, and also talked about Athletic.

With the Bascook and the Txocook, he expanded his hotel dreams, while taking over the presidency of Bilbao Dendak, the most powerful traders' association in Bizkaia. He replaced the journalist Juan Carlos Ercoreca, who was a political correspondent for several Basque media until he had to take care of his father's business. Ercoreca was one of the key figures for the definitive promotion of Elizegi's candidacy. He had been vice president of Athletic and was defeated in the 2007 elections by Fernando García Macua. Now he will be in charge of the Athletic Foundation, where former player Ritxi Mendiguren will leave, an intimate friend of Josu Urrutia.

Elizegi is president against forecast Nobody gave a hard for him when he decided to take part in the electoral process. The institutional apparatus played in favor of Alberto Uribe-Echevarria. In addition, the cook first announced that he presented himself, discarded such a possibility just 24 hours later and, finally, when his opponent thought he had a free hand, he returned to the battle. He had against the time to collect the necessary signatures to be eligible for elections. He delivered them at the last minute. He also faced the seven-year mandate of Urrutia, who at the head of the board of directors made a series of movements in the form of renewal of players that seemed more a propaganda play in favor of Uribe-Echevarria. In addition, the controversy flared up when the official photograph of Oscar de Marcos' signature appeared in a corner of the figure of Javier Aldazabal, member of the official candidacy who should not be there because he was no longer a member of the board. In the club denied that he was, then rectified and noted that it was, and had come to the clubhouse for tickets. Elizegi protested.

Sports, the priority

He also took a disappointment when the PNV, explicitly, gave his support to Alberto Uribe-Echevarria. The cook is a member of the nationalist party, was one of the signatories of a letter of support for the candidacy of Iñigo Urkullu as Lehendakari and saw how the president of the Bizkai Buru Batzar, Itxaso Atutxa, attended the presentation of the candidacy of his opponent, no known partisan affiliation.

In spite of everything, the recurring dream of Aitor Elizegi to be president of Athletic will be fulfilled. The partners, in large part, punished the management of Urrutia, his particular vision of the club. It is not so clear that all your goals can be met, although he has a solvent team at first sight, because of the volume of his CVs, which he will try to put on solid ground. Your first effort will be to get the team out of the well. Then come the popular stands, the women's team, Athletic 3.0 or other dreams you plan, but first things first: "To reach the necessary points so that the fans and the team are calm."

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