Aitana's curious response in 'La Resistencia': "He doesn't usually like my voice. It makes me nervous even"

Aitana Ocaña in & # 039; La Resistencia & # 039 ;.

Aitana Ocaña in 'La Resistencia'.

Aitana Ocana continues to produce music and promote it in TV in different programs. The singer wanted to visit David broncano to promote his latest song and confess something about his voice that surprised many of the viewers and his followers.

The presenter of 'La Resistencia' made reference to the sweet voice of the Catalan. The objective of the compliment was to encourage the guest to make a challenge: "You have a voice that everyone likes and we want to see how negative phrases are said by you," he proposed.

After the compliment Aitana launched a curious response: "Well, normally my voice does not like people," he released to the surprise of the comedian. "I mean, my singing voice yes, because I dedicate myself to it and I suppose that if I am doing well it is because someone likes me ", he added when he saw the shocked faces of those present.

The former contestant of 'Triumph operation 2017 'wanted to justify his statement to settle the issue: "People don't like my voice when I speak. And I get it, huh? Because I listen to myself in audios and when I do interviews and they even make me nervous, "she added with a laugh.


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