June 14, 2021

Airport security guards denounce the lack of security measures – La Provincia

The Union Union of Security and Service Workers (USTSS) presented last Thursday two complaints in the Territorial Directorate Work inspection and Social Security of the Canary Islands for the existence of Security guards working no security measures, such as masks or gloves, in the luggage control service of the Gran Canaria airport and in the Insular-Maternal and Child Hospital Complex.

The president of the USTSS, Guillermo Ramos Quiroz, assured that what is happening in the zone of control of passage and luggage in the Airport is “very serious” because the security guards “are not protected against the coronavirus. In addition to the enormous agglomerations that have been registered, that do not meet the safety distance or the number of people allowed, have not given masks to the guards because the head of security has said that no mask is put on there. This is a disaster. “

He added that these security personnel “are touching all the passengers with the same gloves. That is outrageous. We have filed an urgent complaint with the Labor Inspectorate and a complaint with the General Directorate of the Civil Guard. We are talking about this It is a war with a virus and that there are people who are infected. We are putting the safety of workers and all people at risk. “

Ramos remembers in the complaint filed against the company Ilunión Seguridad and Enaire-Aena, that hundreds of people pass through the filters controlled by these workers, and even “as some infected people have already done, such as those who tried to return to their country”, when the first case was detected in Gran Canaria.

“The guards,” he recalled, “have to search passengers, with the risk of contracting the virus in a very high percentage, because they do not allow us to put on a mask, the company alleging that they sanction us for doing so. Furthermore, gloves The latex that they provide cannot be changed every time you inspect a person, which means that we are helping to spread the infection ourselves “and in breach of the royal decree that established the state of alarm.

As for the security guards who work at the Insular-Maternal and Child Hospital complex, another complaint has been filed with the Labor Inspectorate for similar circumstances. The union accuses the company Clece and the hospital complex to put workers at risk for not providing them with the protective equipment they need, since sometimes they cannot keep the safety distance, when required by health personnel.

The complaints filed assure that companies are breaching various articles of the Law of prevention of labor risks for not having provided the workers with the appropriate measures to protect their safety and health, especially when the orders have already been transferred by the Ministry of Health. “

Matos also criticized that “in the Carrefour shopping center entire families are entering cars in the parking lots and the security guards cannot do anything because the director tells them not to get involved in anything. How are we going to stop this if those risks are taking place and security measures are not followed. “


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