August 6, 2020

Airlines close routes in Spain due to the Boeing crisis

Aena warns that it will impact Spanish air traffic. Airbus moves operators of its Andalusian factories by 737 MAX

Systemic for the aeronautical sector worldwide. This is how the Boeing crisis, the giant of the sector next to the European manufacturer Airbus. And Spain is not coming out unscathed. As he warned yesterday President of Aena, Maurici Lucena, they are already canceling some routes in Spain due to the suspension of production and deliveries of the model 737 MAX of Boeing. The American manufacturer paralyzed the deliveries of these devices in March of last year, after 346 people lost their lives in two accidents in Ethiopia and Indonesia in a span of just five months. After several months without managing to solve the plane’s problems, at the end of the year it decided to stop production, which has aggravated the problems of the airlines that have the model in their fleets.

Lucena explained that the moderate growth plans that the airlines already had for this year due to the slowdown in the economy have had to be moderated even more by the “supervening” adjustment of their fleets and capacity by not receiving orders from the 737 MAX that They had performed. This phenomenon is leading to the fact that airlines are closing less profitable routes, a circumstance that will also impact the manager’s activity. According to Lucena, Traffic in Spain will grow from 4.4% last year to 1% in 2020.


The 737 MAX crisis is also impacting the Spanish aviation industry. Airbus has agreed to transfer to its Sevillian factory of Saint Paul to some 70 employees of its plants in the Port of Santamaría (Cádiz) and the Seville of Tablada working on the 737 MAX project. Although both companies are rivals, the European consortium won in 2013 a contract to manufacture components of this aircraft such as the outer carcasses of the engines and the tail rudders. The Santa María plant is highly dependent on this contract, as 60% of its workload is linked to the Boeing 737 MAX. The transferred workers will work on the assembly of two of the Airbus military aircraft, the A400 M and the C295. Other Spanish companies, such as the Aciturri from Burgos, also manufacture components of the Boeing plane.

The American company, meanwhile, continues to seek solutions to the deep crisis in which it is plunged by the 737 MAX. Some analysts estimate that the problems of the model have already cost the coffers of the manufacturer are based in Chicago 9,000 million. To alleviate these liquidity problems, Boeing is talking to several banks to ask for loans worth 10,000 million dollars, as reported by the American television network CNBC. The company would have already secured $ 6 billion from the banks so far, but continues to talk with other lenders for more contributions. Boeing’s situation is so delicate at this time that it closed last year with the loss of 87 orders, its first negative balance in 30 years.


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