Air taxi works as Uber and Cabify

Air taxi works as Uber and Cabify

One of the big problems that many people have to reconcile in the daily routine are the usual traffic jams that are formed in the main streets, the entrances and exits of the big cities. The great influx of vehicles causes plugs that make a path that is predictably short, is prolonged in time, which causes the stress of many drivers. Taxis or buses are some alternatives that reduce the number of existing vehicles on the tracks. However, a new alternative makes its way for the first time in the cities of Sao Paulo, in Brazil, and in the Mexican capital of Mexico City. The helicopter transports travelers from one point to another in the city in a similar way as taxis do.

The company Voom, a subsidiary company of Airbus, is developing this new format in which people interested in this service register with the company's application and book the route they wish to make. A helicopter picks them up at the starting point of the journey and takes them to their destination without having to suffer traffic jams on the road and quickly. This is exactly the same thing that Uber and Cabify do. The company currently has 9 stops in the city of Sao Paulo while in Mexico City, it has 6 connection points located in important places of both cities such as airports or central locations.

The speed of the trips means that in just 15 minutes, the passenger arrives at the airport from the city center and avoids sitting in traffic for 3 hours. The client can hire their service at the time they want, Instantly and in 60 minutes you can take off, or even, do it seven days in advance. The price of the service revolves around the 100 euros, up to 80% less than traditional helicopter services, a cost of quality that is not available to everyone but is very affordable if your economy allows it. Of course, users who hire a seat, will share the aircraft with other passengers. The company also offers the possibility of making panoramic flights over the cities to have an aerial view of the skyscrapers.

It should be noted that this service does not have availability during the 24 hours but in Mexico City, flights are made from Monday to Friday, from 6 in the morning until 8 in the afternoon while in Sao Paulo, only fly on Mondays, from 7 in the morning to 8 in the afternoon, and on Saturdays, from 10 to 4. In Spain, the company Sky Helicopteros performs a similar service in the Balearic Islands since it has air taxi routes, transporting passengers from its hotels to airports, but also arriving in Barcelona or flying between islands. In Brazil and Mexico this new service is already being implemented and who knows if cities like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​in the not too distant future, can use the helicopter as a means of transport.


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