Air Nostrum warns of future measures to stop aircraft

The airline Air Nostrum has warned that the paralysis of a significant number of aircraft due to the restrictions of the coronavirus crisis puts the company in "serious difficulties" to which we will have to act, one of them activating a policy "very strict "treasury preservation as a measure of shock.

In a letter sent by the president of Air Nostrum, Carlos Bertomeu, to the staff, he ensures that air traffic is falling "drastically" - he has canceled at the moment, in coordination with Iberia, more than 300 flights until the end of April - and The company is preparing for "potential worst scenarios", in line with what is happening in other European countries.

Air Nostrum is analyzing both internally and with its allies the measures that it will have to take in the new market situation, which "is unprecedented and dramatic", and has already activated a strict treasury preservation policy as an initial measure of shock.

The survival of the regional airline is now "the priority" and to achieve this, ask for the help and understanding of the staff.

Air Nostrum has registered a drop in reservations, with greater incidence on international routes but also on domestic links, and has canceled charter flights every day. In addition, the leasing operation for third parties "has practically fallen whole."

As he explains, he negotiated to place between 4 and 5 airplanes in the summer season in European leading airlines, as in previous years, but customers are communicating that these operations are not going to be signed.

Therefore, during a period that cannot be determined, it will keep between a regular operation, lease and charter "a very important number of airplanes" for which all personal and material resources were prepared.

Bertomeu announces in the letter to the staff that he will continue to report the contingency plan to the situation created by the Coronavirus when it is more defined.

The president of the company says he is very concerned about the "Italianization" of the crisis because the restriction of domestic displacements "goes to the jugular" of the revenues of regional airlines.


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