July 24, 2021

Air Nostrum cancels 148 flights in the first three days of the Sepla strike that starts on Monday – La Provincia

Air Nostrum cancels 148 flights in the first three days of the Sepla strike that starts on Monday - La Provincia

Air Nostrum has canceled 148 flightsduring the first three days of the strike that starts today called by the Spanish Union of Air Line Pilots (Sepla), with about 10,000 passengers affected on April 15, 16 and 17, according to the airline. The 24-hour strikes will be repeated on April 22, 23 and 24.

Specific,for this Monday, 47 flights have been canceled, 49 for Tuesday and 52 on Wednesday. The airline points out that the application of the minimum services decreed by Fomento will allow operating 76.4% of the 627 scheduled flights for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, in full operation during Holy Week.

Air Nostrum, which has lamented the "inconveniences caused" and thanked customers for their "understanding", will announce this week theList of flights canceled for the stoppages of the days 22, 23 and 24 of April.

The Ministry of Development has established that the minimum services between Spain and abroad are 47% on days 15, 16, 17 and 22 April and 45% on days 23 and 24 for those exceeding five hours and for those who unite Spanish airports with foreign cities; while the minimum services for domestic flights will be 31% on April 15, 16, 17 and 22, and 29% on days 23 and 24, and 100% on the islands.

Air Nostrum recalls that theminimum services contemplate 100% of the flights with origin or destination Baleares, Canarias and Melillaand of the flights in Public Service Obligation (OSP) in peninsular territories (Almería-Sevilla, Badajoz-Madrid and Badajoz-Barcelona).

Refund or relocation on other flights

The company indicates that customers affected by these cancellations can opt for therefund of ticketsor relocation on flights or alternative dates to fly until May 10, depending on availability.

In addition, those who have purchased their tickets through iberia.com will receive a message from this company, for which Air Nostrum operates the affected flights, on the incidence that has occurred; while if they have purchased the tickets through a travel agency it will be the one who contacts the clients. If you do not receive any notification, you have explained, you cancontact Serviberia or your travel agencyto see the available alternatives.

Air Nostrum has highlighted that it maintains the"negotiating attitude"to try to stop the stoppages and is doing "everything possible to minimize the disruption that this strike is causing in the passengers who are going to travel those days". The Sepla protests the "increase in the diversion of production to other airlines."

In December, after three days of strikes, Air Nostrum and Sepla reached an agreement tolimit outsourcing to third parties with 20%and prevent the stoppages from spreading to Christmas. The company promised then not to resort to outsourcing over 20%, as well as to recover all turboprop ATR aircraft.

The National Court rejected on Friday theprecautionary measure requested by Air Nostrumin which he requested the suppression of the strike called by the Sepla to understand that the call for strikes is not made because of the negotiation of the agreement, as claimed by the company, but for the requirement of compliance with the agreement of June 14 and "in defense of the professional interests of the pilots".


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