Air City Madrid Sur promotes a second airport in Madrid

Air City Madrid Sur promotes a second airport in Madrid

The company Air City Madrid South announced today its intention to promote the construction of a second commercial airport in the capital of Spain, private, complementary and alternative to Barajas, with an initial investment of 148 million euros.

The Madrid Sur Airport will be developed on the extension of the private airfield of Casarrubios-Álamo, which is located 30 kilometers southwest of the capital, sharing land between the communities of Madrid and Castilla-La Mancha.

The start-up of the project is due to the need for a second airport in Madrid that guarantees air connectivity with the capital of Spain in the event of any contingency affecting the Barajas airspace and facing the growth of the sector that is foreseen for the next years.

The company promoting the project has argued, in a statement, that Madrid is the only capital among those in Europe with a single airport and its economic and industrial development can not be conditioned by it.

In his opinion, Madrid must face the future with guarantees to have an airport system that facilitates the air connectivity of its population in a rational and sustainable manner, adapting to the current and future international scenario.

Madrid Sur will consolidate the position of 'hub' (interconnection center) of the Barajas airport and the opening of new international routes and destinations with the Spanish capital, capturing part of the traffic of companies with reduced costs that prefer smaller, flexible and economic and, at the same time, increasing the economic competitiveness of the center of the country, explained the company.

Air City Madrid Sur has chosen the Casarrubios-Álamo airfield for the development of its project due to its proximity to Madrid, the orography of the land, the minimal impact on the environment and terrestrial communications.

The enclave has infrastructures such as the A-5 and the R-5, which give access to the facility and connections to the A-42 (Carretera de Toledo) and the A-4 (Carretera de Andalucía), through the CM -41 (La Sagra Highway); a complete north, south, east and west network that does not require additional public investment.

The Madrid Sur Airport will have a main runway of 3,200 meters, a terminal of 15,000 square meters in its first phase with capacity for 6 million passengers and complementary airport services, with more than 50,000 square meters for maintenance of aircraft and hangars.

It will also cover executive aviation, "overcoming the incompatibilities that currently occur in Barajas" and will be a point of reference for the training and training of pilots and technical personnel, with the construction of 10,000 square meters of classrooms and simulation centers , residence or space for specialized companies.

Likewise, the project includes the construction of a specific cargo terminal, adaptation of platforms and logistics and distribution centers.

Projections of the impact of the project in the area point to the creation of 5,600 direct jobs and 13,300 indirect jobs in the first ten years of implementation.

The potential of industrial development annexed to the project, with 2.5 million square meters, will entail an investment of 1,800 million euros and will lead to 32,500 direct jobs.

Only in the construction phase, the generation of 12,500 jobs is expected, the company estimated in its note.


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