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Ainhoa ​​Arteta defends Plácido Domingo in 'The Summer Program'

The accusations about Placido Domingo of having committed sexual assaults nine women jumped to the media trail on Tuesday. Some facts that this Wednesday in
The summer program
wanted to comment Ainhoa ​​Arteta going out to the defending from his ex-partner.

"It was also said that I slept with Placido," she argued ensuring that "I've never slept with him" and safely denying accusations about his partner. "I am convinced that if you had them, you had them with consent," she insisted.

"I've never slept with him"

"Never in life can I believe that Placido could force someone to do something, I believe that the relationships consented until now are admitted and there can not be put in," explained the soprano questioning the words of the rest of artists who they attack the singer. “I can understand that certain women who touch their leg or call them beautiful offend them, but from there and defame and say that he is a sexual accuser I cannot allow"

Will complaints against Plácido Domingo help visualize sexual harassment in Spain?

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“I am offended because the artistic quality of the person who is there is questioned,” she insisted, reiterating that not everyone who has worked with Plácido Domingo has come to where she has come to sleep with him. And he sentenced: “Nor we can allow a Spaniard like Plácido, who has taken us all over the world, to crush him in this way"

Paloma San Basilio also defends Plácido Domingo

“This is a very big slander and that you know, Joaquín, that it can do you great damage after so many years of career" For Arteta, this is “a great slander” and with his words he wanted to show his support for the tenor.

The summer program
has shown some statements that Dove San Basilio has launched via statement in which it argues that Placido Domingo "He was always a gentleman with me" and has described him as "a great companion and a generous artist, of those who do not abound, with whom I had the pleasure of sharing the stage."

Placido Domingo

Placido Domingo
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