Ailanto stops the rhythm of sunflowers in luminous garments

Madrid, Sep 14 (EFE) .- The power of the sun's rays on sunflowers, its light and its heat is what is reflected in its Ailanto collection, bucolic garments for the day and sensual for the night.

With sunflowers as the driving force, the firm of the Iñaki and Aitor Muñoz brothers, Ailanto, returns to Madrid fashion week with renewed strength, to present this Tuesday a collection where nature is once again the protagonist of its inspired prints, in this time, in the work of the painter Emil Nolde.

The mansion that was the house of Valle Inclán in Madrid has been the place chosen by Ailanto to present a collection in a different way than usual in his career.

Ailanto returns to the catwalk, after being absent in two editions, but without a show, opts for a different format that includes a "performance" and "photoshoot" live.

"The parade was no longer our format, we needed a change," Aitor Muñoz explained to Efe, who pointed out that in this time of stoppage forced by the pandemic they have concentrated on growing in digital marketing, in multi-brand channels and in boost sales "without the need to be present at fairs", which has allowed them to grow as a company.

The taste of Bilbao's creators for botany and the fine arts has led them to stop at the circadian rhythm of sunflowers and to look at two pictorial sources, that of the German expressionist Emil Nolde and in Van Gogh's painting "Sunflowers".

"We have taken into account the pigment that Van Gogh used, a lead chromate, an enigma, since it is a color that started out as yellow and drifts into green and ocher tones," he pointed out.

From the color they create their patterns and the volume of their fabrics, silks that fall in a delicate cadence, of romantic inspiration, in which the sunflower fields are the protagonists, although pieces with watercolor prints of wild horses also stand out.

The result is a collection for the next spring-summer where yellow, burnt orange, ocher with blue, earth brown and red backgrounds prevail on fluid fabrics, silk cottons, linen mixed with ramie, gauze and sneakers.

"The dress is the real protagonist," added Muñoz, a piece on which a Greek-cut silk chiffon dress with a sunflower embroidered in sequins stands out.

Although there is no shortage of jumpsuits puffed to the ankle with large volumes and 'palazzo' pants, combined with voluminous blouses.

A collection in which the Muñoz brothers collaborate with the jewelry firm Suma Cruz, "we both share a love for nature", they affirm, and by chance they both worked on the same symbol: the sunflower.

Bracelets, earrings, necklaces, chokers make up a parallel aesthetic. "His entire collection based on sunflower and when you see the garments with the accessories they work perfectly."

Susana Cruz makes jewelry where nature is present and in which on this occasion she establishes a dialogue with the garments. Bracelets, earrings that climb up to the ear, chains that surround the waist and girdle the designs to the body, meticulously crafted in brass, complement a collection that radiates light.


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