Sun. Dec 15th, 2019

Aida Nízar records a video and faces the Thai police

Aida Nízar Go loose … on the planet. And how could it be otherwise, the controversy TV collaborator continues to make her own wherever she goes. The last thing we have known about her is that she has recorded a spermic video with your mobile in which you face with a policeman in Thailand for fine two tourists that did not carry the helmet despite going on motorcycle.

The image has been uploaded by herself to your Instagram account. Aida must be alone at that time and does not hesitate to ask someone to hold the phone without moving it while approaching a police officer who was supposedly fining a couple of people with Asian features who were riding a motorcycle.

The ‘bravest reporter in Spain’

“Nobody wears a helmet and they stop two poor foreigners who don't wear it and fine them”, he says after exchanging a few words in English with the policeman who merely gestures saying that the couple does not wear the helmet. Not even the supposed tourists understand what a woman dressed like that does in the middle of the street speaking in Spanish.

Either way, Aida is currently running as a kind of universal justice reporter and is sold as a new television format. As if from a reporter of Four Travelers it was, but imparting justice right and left. Something that would be shocking if not because we talked about Aída Nízar, a character very much given to these staging.

"Aida Nízar has to come back denouncing the world because this is intolerable" he says later ensuring that "My talent, beyond being the bravest reporter in Spain, is that in the face of an injustice I will always fight" All these statements that leave journalists around the country up to bitumen.

And while the "bravest reporter in Spain" faces the Thai law enforcement, ensuring that "the tourist gets the money and those here go like Pedro through his house," it is not noticed that most of the people who ride a motorcycle behind them are wearing the helmet. Unparalleled reporterism.

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