Mon. Apr 22nd, 2019

Aída Nízar, hospitalized after suffering a heart attack in a Chilean reality TV

Aída Nízar, hospitalizada tras sufrir un infarto en un ‘reality’ chileno

Scare in
I will resist
of Mega,
reality show
of Chile, in which he participates Aída Nízar. The Spanish would have been hospitalized last weekend after participating in a resistance test and suffering a cardiac decompensation. This situation would have led him to suffer "a pre heart attack", As they affirm from the program Intruders in the network of Chilean television.

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After evacuating her urgently to a hospital in Santiago de Chile, she was under observation all weekend and already on Monday afternoon, the reality He reported on social networks that he was "in optimal conditions for confinement." A photo of the Valladolid corroborated the statement.

Aída Nízar la lía at the premiere of the Chilean reality show 'Resistiré'

Aída Nízar la lía at the premiere of the Chilean reality show 'Resistiré'

The news came to light in the program Intruders in the network. One of his collaborators, Michael Roldán, put in the disparate the delicate moment of health that Aída Nízar would be going through during his participation in the reality I will resist. As the journalist assures, the Spanish woman would have been transferred to a hospital with reserved diagnosis in intermediate care. It seems that he suffered a heart attack that was finally controlled.

Everything happened during the resistance test in which the contestants have to put their heads in a basin of water and hold their breath. Aida would have begun to feel bad and, immediately, she was transferred urgently.

After the uproar mounted accusing the program of launching a hoax on the health of Nizar, Intruders in the network released a statement on his Twitter profile: "Hi! We are @intrusoslared from Chile. We do not make a hoax. We gave real information about Aida's hospitalization since Saturday afternoon until today in a clinic in Santiago de Chile. If Aida is back in the program today, that is the responsibility of the doctors and the channel. "

In fact, none of Aida's classmates knew why he was absent. They thought he was in a spa. Of course, before the information released, the program wanted to reassure the audience with another message. "Aida is in optimal conditions in the encierro", he wrote accompanying a photograph of the Spanish in the reality.

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