Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

Aída Nízar did not suffer a heart attack but hypothermia

La madre de Aída matiza: “No ha sido un infarto, ha sido una hipotermia”

The fans of Aída Nízar can breathe easy because the always controversial contestant of realities has already returned to
I will resist
, the extreme survival program of the Mega channel that MTV broadcasts in Spain. Although this morning it was reported that the Spanish had suffered a "heart attack", the mother of Aida has qualified saying that it was a "hypothermia"

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I was doing it in declarations to ECD, where María Ángeles Delgado, mother of Aída Nizar, said that "she was admitted after suffering severe hypothermia". "It's a lie that he had a heart attack. I have been constantly informed of his state of health and thank God it is already good, "he insisted.

Aída Nízar

A scare that has not gone away

"It was just a scare, but until they have not proven that he was really well, they have not released him," Delgado said after the first hours of anguish of a mother. And he gave news to the followers of his daughter to ensure that Aída Nízar "is already back in the reality".

"Tomorrow, Wednesday, they will let me talk to her", she confessed after to deny the information that said that her daughter had suffered a "heart attack" due to "overexertion" that he made during one of the reality tests ". So things, everything seems to have been a scare for the family and friends of Valladolid.

Aída Nízar la lía at the premiere of the Chilean reality show 'Resistiré'

Aída Nízar la lía at the premiere of the Chilean reality show 'Resistiré'

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