Agustín dislodges Silvia in ‘First Dates’ for an unexpected question: “My face will have been a painting”

Agustín misplaces Silvia in & # 039; First Dates & # 039 ;.

Agustín misplaces Silvia in ‘First Dates’.

Speechless. This is how Silvia stayed in ‘First dates’ after the young man he was dining with asked him an engaging question that is not usually common on first dates. After a few seconds of awkward silence, Agustín wanted to make it clear that it was a joke.

The moment in question came after Agustín and Silvia chatted about their jobs and hobbies. To change the subject, the diner threw “the typical question” to his companion: “Do you like sadomasochism?”.

At that moment, Silvia stared at her plate and reacted with a slight smile. Seeing that he had taken it seriously, Agustín hastened to clarify his departure from tone: “Just kidding, huh! Just kidding!”.

“My face will have been a painting right now”replied the young woman as she put her hands to her face. “It was a joke,” Agustín insisted with a laugh. The chemistry between the two was evident from the first moment and that was reflected in the ‘final decision’.

“I would like to have a second date because It has become short. I think we have a lot of conversation and many things to tell each other, “Silvia explained. Agustín, who joked again by saying that he did not want to have a second date, acknowledged that he had had a great time:” It was also short for me. ”


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