March 1, 2021

Aguado defends going to phase 1 before the “increased risk of poverty”

The vice president, counselor for Sports, Transparency and spokesman for the regional government, Ignacio Aguado, has insisted on the need for Madrid to go to phase 1 of de-escalation as soon as possible to reactivate the economy, since confinement “increases the risk of poverty “

Aguado chaired this Tuesday the first meeting of the Working Group for Social Reconstruction, led by the Minister for Social Policies, Families, Equality and Birth, Alberto Reyero, in which Cáritas, Red Cross, CERMI Madrid, the Platform of the Third Sector and the Coordinator of the Third Sector.

A group that was born in order to analyze the new needs of the post-confinement stage to which the Social Services must respond.

Aguado has moved his concern about the growth of inequality in the Community as a consequence of the health crisis caused by COVID-19, which in addition to taking “thousands of lives” has caused “many families to be more vulnerable now than just two months ago “

In fact, he referred to data provided by the Red Cross according to which “90% of those who currently go to their soup kitchens did not demand food before the coronavirus crisis.”

For this reason, it has defended going to phase 1, but it has also had an impact on the need to reach a “Great Social Pact” that unites the regional Executive, the Third Sector, municipalities and the different political groups.

Among the points addressed at this Tuesday’s meeting, the new Fund that the central government has made available to the autonomous communities for social spending has been analyzed, with the aim of facing the economic and social impact of the pandemic in our region.

The General Directorate of Social Services and Social Innovation will be in charge of coordinating subsidized projects with municipal needs. On the part of local entities, a total of 245 projects have been submitted, representing 60% of the funds.

Through the formalization of an extraordinary agreement with municipalities and commonwealths, until December 2020, the basic benefits of social services that are exclusively intended to deal with extraordinary situations arising from the coronavirus will be financed.

On the other hand, on the part of the Ministry of Social Policies, 18 projects have been presented that represent 40% of the funds and that will be used to finance resources of the Specialized Network of Social Services.

The total funds allocated to the Community of Madrid by the central government amounts to 38.75 million euros.

To offer all the information on the projects subsidized by the Community of Madrid, a web page will be created in which the financing of each area of ​​the region can be consulted, thus promoting greater coordination between administrations and third sector entities. . Likewise, it will be provided to local entities that require it, companies that provide food donations, to favor logistics in case of need.

Since the beginning of the health and social crisis caused by COVID-19, the General Directorate of Social Services and Innovation, dependent on the Ministry of Social Policies, has launched various resources to serve the most vulnerable population in the Community, with accommodation for homeless people or families in residential exclusion, or a psychological care service in person, a free telephone line (900 444 555) to reach those situations of social vulnerability that are not being made visible due to confinement.

Since the beginning of the crisis, a volunteer pool has been created in the region, in which 7,400 people have registered, and a registry of entities and companies that make donations and grants has been created, with more than 600 registrations.


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