May 29, 2020

Aguado declines to comment on his experience in a loft of the Monastery studio

The vice president of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has refused to comment on El País information that he would have lived in a building of premises on allegedly irregular industrial land and designed by the leader of Vox Rocío Monasterio, and has urged reporters to speak with the farm manager.

In statements to the press at a breakfast of the leader of his party, Albert Rivera, Aguado did not want to comment on the information of El País, which ensures that the father of the regional vice president would have bought in 2007 a loft of a building that reformed the Monastery architecture studio (in this case the project was signed by his brother, Antonio Monasterio, industrial engineer).

According to the information, the loft sold with irregularities and unfinished works, and some buyers – including Aguado's father – ended up denouncing the architect of the Monasterio studio, although they lost their mind.

Aguado has declined to comment on the information, and has urged journalists to speak with the farm manager or the president of the neighborhood community.

"There were defects, the truth is that yes, within the block", is the only thing that Aguado has answered to informants' questions, before insisting that the administrator or the president of the community of neighbors have more information on the subject.

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