Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

Aguado bets for a coalition with PP, will not govern with Vox and disfigures PSOE to call Cs "trifachito"

Aguado bets for a coalition with PP, will not govern with Vox and disfigures PSOE to call Cs "trifachito"

In an interview with Europa Press, Aguado, when asked which of the rival candidates for the Presidency gets along better, has assured that he has a good relationship with everyone, just as he has gotten along well with all the spokespersons during this Legislature. Assembly of Madrid, because "the personal part is important to reach political agreements".

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"At the level of names I have no preferences, I get along with everyone, but at a political level from May 26 I bet on a PP and Cs coalition, because the 'sanchismo' has colonized everything." Ángel Gabilondo has not been able to rebut never even raise your hand when Sanchez raised financial control of the accounts of the Generalitat or when he allowed embassies of Catalonia to be opened to boost the process, Gabilondo is still there because he has not moved from Sánchez's thesis and I do not want a government with someone who has not moved from Sánchez's thesis, "he asserted.

As to whether the PSOE 'veto' has been precipitated in the Community, the candidate of Citizens for the Presidency believes that it is "a coherent strategy" with what they have been defending at the national level and with the "principles" that have brought them untill there.

"Above the programs, it is important to build a government based on principles, and if Gabilondo considers that there are citizens with more rights than others or if it considers it is good to bet to raise taxes to the Community of Madrid and does not respect the Cs principles, voters ask to know what will happen with your vote and that's why that government is not going to be formed with PSOE or Errejón, "he said.

However, in the City of Madrid, the Citizens candidate, Begoña Villacís, has not closed the door to the Socialists, something that, for Aguado, is due to the fact that the PSOE candidate, Pepu Hernández, has not yet spoken and " he has not spoken like Gabilondo ", that" he has voted in the Assembly against rejecting pardons from the prisoners of the procés ".

For this reason, he believes that Villacís is giving Pepu Hernández the "benefit of the doubt", but what is clear, in his opinion, is that "he will only govern with those parties that want to face populism" and the PSOE, believes, "is not for the work of dealing with populism because it has coexisted with the populism of the mayor of Madrid, Manuela Carmena."


PSOE described as "disrespectful" that Aguado refused to govern with Gabilondo before the elections were held and the political space is not known or what the Madrid people have decided, something that Aguado does not understand. "How can you say it is disrespectful," he exclaimed, noting that the members of the 'orange' party have been called "fachas", they have been told that if they were part of the "trifachito" or they have been labeled as "dogs" "for going to Alsasua to defend the work of the Civil Guard.

"Now it seems that they are offended because we are coherent, we have not moved away from the center, we have not decided with Torra or Bildu, Gabilondo does not get into any garden and has to understand that in the Community, we have a responsibility and we can not look the other way with what is happening with other compatriots.The PSOE in the Community is that of Sánchez and as long as this is the case, there is no possibility of government. Sanchez has colonized the PSOE And has taken it to extremes, "he has launched.


At this point, Aguado, when asked if he considers the party led by Santiago Abascal as an "extreme" has indicated that Vox is located "to the right of the PP" and "beyond there is nothing else, Sun or Vox". In any case, he has assured that he has respect for the people who are considering voting for this political formation and, therefore, will try to "do everything possible so that they do not vote for them".

"I hope it does not take force in the Assembly and I hope that the people of Madrid do not opt ​​for the extremes, if the parties agree, it will be a sterile legislature, with scuffles and political mud with ideological struggles but without concrete reforms and that is why I will try that until May 26 the extremes do not gather forces and if they enter the Parliament I will speak with everyone, but I will not govern with them, "he asserted.

In his opinion, this party has a project "that looks to the past, ultra conservative, that makes involucionar in certain matters instead of evolving and instead of looking at Europe, puts suspicion on Europe", which "would be a drag" for the objective that has been proposed the formation 'orange', which is "to turn the region into the most prosperous in Europe".

"I hope they have little representation, that the people of Madrid propose to me to lead that government, and together with the PP, reach a programmatic agreement so good that there are no objective reasons to vote against that project," he said.

On whether he would like to share government with David Pérez, the 'number two' of the 'popular' candidate, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, has stated that it is "a matter for the PP" to prefer "having as a reference" the regional president Esperanza Aguirre and "to surround of people "like the Alcorcón Alderman.

"Everybody with their decisions is portrayed: PP has insisted on looking at the extremes, at Vox, and at PSOE at Podemos, and at me as a citizen and politician I think it's a shame because the vast majority of Spaniards are at the center. I prefer to meet with people like Luis Pacheco (president of the Confederation of Commerce of Madrid) or Eva Bailén ", he has launched, in relation to his 'signings'.

In the case of governing with PP and the possibility of making a "change of cards" between the Community and Madrid City Council, he pointed out that this space does not contemplate it because both he and Villacís go out "to win" and believe that both have possibilities.


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