March 8, 2021

Aguado advances that Cs does not guarantee its support for an extension of the state of alarm for another month

The vice-president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, doubts that the extension of the state of alarm for a further month is constitutional, as the president, Pedro Sánchez, has stated, and he has advanced that his party does not guarantee its support for the Government before this petition.

Although Cs has not yet decided which will be the position of the ‘orange’ in the Congress of Deputies before this request, Aguado has stressed that they “do not guarantee support for this new extension of the state of alarm.”

He has also assured that at the moment the Government of the Nation has not formally contacted Cs to ask for their support, although “they have thrown themselves into the arms of the separatists and the PNV”, which comes to “demonstrate the position of the Government in this new stage. “

“I doubt that it is constitutional to prolong the state of alarm for 30 days in a row,” he declared this Sunday from Plaza Castilla, where he learned first-hand about the hygienic-sanitary measures put in place by the ALSA bus company.

The autonomous representative of Cs has opined that this potential extension “does not respect the spirit of the Constitution or that of the organic law that regulates the state of alarm.” “Another thing is that you want to concatenate two consecutive states of alarm and that you have already negotiated this with your separatist and nationalist partners. That will have to be explained by the Prime Minister,” he launched.

Ignacio Aguado has claimed “already a plan B to gradually dismantle, gradually dismantle the state of alarm because it cannot be prolonged sine die, you cannot be living in a state of exception for so long.”

The ‘orange’ deputy claims the need to move towards a legal framework “less invasive, less damaging to the fundamental rights of people”.


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