Agriculture asks the European Commission to maintain the Posei aid on La Palma in 2022

In a press conference held after the meeting of the mixed commission for the reconstruction of La Palma, he commented that the “exceptionality” of the case on the island “justifies” that this measure can be exempted from the general rule.

Planas has assumed that “it will take a job” and the “contacts” of his team and also with European parliamentarians have already begun and he understands that by 2022 “we must give peace of mind and guarantees” to farmers and ranchers affected by the eruption.

Along these lines, he has pointed out that European Comission “It should be sensitive” although “it will not be easy” because the legal basis must be modified and that may take time but he hopes that a simpler procedure can be articulated. “My will is for the issue to be approved,” he said.

Planas has also said that he has requested the inclusion of the debate on the situation of La Palma in the Council of Ministers of Agriculture of the EU to try to achieve that “an exceptional situation has an exceptional response, it is fundamental”.

Likewise, it has advanced that through the ‘Food from Spain’ program a specific action will be carried out to support the primary sector in La Palma as a “show of affection and solidarity” of Spanish society.

The minister has valued the “coordination” between all administrations to help rebuild the island and remarked that the impact of the eruption is “impressive”, both from a physical and psychological point of view.

He highlighted the “reaction and response capacity and the courage of many people who are getting ahead” and described the set of the first aid from the Ministry, endowed with 20.8 million and which will be transferred to the autonomous coffers next week.

Specifically, it is 14 million to cover marketing losses, 4.3 million for infrastructures, two million for guarantees of possible credits and 500,000 euros for the Tazacorte fishing fleet, which will be moored for three months.


These amounts were already approved against the contingency fund and will be available to the autonomous community after the Council of Ministers next Tuesday. “We want to respond with the greatest administrative efficiency and speed and it is still a provisional phase,” he detailed.

Planas, who has indicated that he will return to the island soon, has also highlighted that Agroseguro has already paid about 10 million euros in compensation for the fire last summer.

The President of the Canary Islands, Ángel Víctor Torres, has pointed out that “everything suggests that there is a volcano left for time” and that “coexist” with it, valuing, at least, that in the last hours the lava walks on the previous lava and does not cause new damage.

He applauded the Government for modifying the order to help the self-employed that gives them protection until February 28 and announced that this Thursday the Government Council will approve the decree law with the creation of a single registry for those affected to centralize all the helps.

“It will be key to shorten deadlines,” Torres said, noting that a normal call of this type can last about six months and now it is going to be shortened to weeks.

In addition, he commented that a credit modification of 10 million euros will also be approved for companies on the island and that only the responsible declaration is enough to access the funds.

About capturing all posei supports, has commented that it is “very important news that must be fought” and in that line, he has indicated that he will defend a “special treatment” for La Palma at the Conference of Presidents of the ORs on 18 and 19 November.

Torres has commented that La Palma suffers the action of the “most serious volcano” that the European Union has had in 100 years and with the “most substantial” damage, so the response has to be “according” to the needs of the island, which will exceed 400 by far. million, the minimum required to qualify for solidarity funds.

In addition, it has indicated that in December a conference of regional presidents will be held on the island in which apart from the 100 million included for La Palma in the regional accounts for 2022is going to ask for “all the resources” that can be obtained for a reconstruction “which is going to be a challenge.”


The President of the Cabildo de La Palma, Mariano Hernández, has commented that the Cumbre Vieja volcano It is “more traumatic and gives more problems” than the Teneguía although the laundry that goes to the neighborhood of Corazoncillo La Laguna are practically stopped.

He commented that the primary sector “is an essential part” of the social and economic model of the island and the Aridane Valley, one of the “most fertile areas of the Canary Islands”, on which depends the “future” of La Palma trees and their own “identity “of the island, so far, with 260 hectares affected.

In this sense, he stressed that more than 2,000 livestock animals have been rehoused and irrigation is being guaranteed working “hand in hand” with the central government and the Canary Islands.

With everything, has defended the “commitment” that all the people who have lost their homes “will regain hope” and without losing their “roots”, creating new population centers and similar characteristics, also with agricultural and livestock farms.


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