Agresin homfoba: “Maricones out, we are going to throw you all out of here” – The Province

The Andalusian Observatory against Homophobia, Bifobia and Transphobia, together with the Colega Torremolinos association, condemned yesterday Wednesday a homophobic aggression against a gay couple that allegedly took place early Sunday morning in that town.

Both entities released a statement yesterday denouncing that the Sunday, about 03.00 hours, this homophobic aggression occurred, allegedly, by four young people about a middle-aged gay couple, from Perpignan (France) who spent a few days in Torremolinos.

“The aggression occurred on the Cuesta del Tajo, when these four alleged aggressors left a street where there was barely any light and went to the stairs, striking and beating them,” telling them: «Fagots out, we are going to kick everyone out of here», explains the president of Colega Torremolinos, Santiago Rubio.

The couple says they shouted for help but that no one approached to help them, they add the same sources.

After the facts, la couple, who travels twice a year to Torremolinos for a long time, He went to the Clinical Hospital to be treated for his injuries and to verify the medical parts. “One of the victims is a surgeon and is not sure that he can continue to exercise since he suffered shoulder dislocation and a troquiter fracture – the prominent area of ​​the bone in the upper part of the humerus where the two tendons of the rotator cuff join. The most terrible thing is that the only reason for this aggression has been homophobia, since they have not been robbed or asked for anything, they just wanted to assault them for their sexual orientation, ”Santiago Rubio said.

What happened has also been brought to the attention of the State Security Forces and Bodies, although it is still waiting for the couple to formalize the corresponding complaint, as reported by both entities, since they had to return to their hometown in French territory

However, they have clarified that they will return to Spain next week “To process the complaint firmly at the nearest police station they find after crossing the border.”

Meanwhile, the director of the Andalusian Observatory against Lgtbifobia, Natalia Ronco, said that unfortunately hate crimes continue to occur «Motivated by a scourge such as Lgtbifobia: people who are insulted, harassed and assaulted by the simple fact of being, existing and loving».

«We ask, once again, that there be more security on the streets and that the attacked come to report, is the only way to put black on white what happens and put an end to the great infra-complaint that there is»Said Ronco.


For months homophobic performances and attacks have been taking place in Torremolinos so the associations ask for greater police action.

On April 23, 2019, A dragqueen was attacked by a group of young foreigners who were caused multiple injuries.

April 28, two young trans denounced the aggression by a neighbor that makes their lives impossible since they changed the floor.

August 6th Homophobic graffiti appeared on the seafront of El Bajondillo, next to the Eden beach bar, where they appeared again painted this type on November 27.

On December 19, There was another homophobic attack when a mural appeared in which two girls kissing each other are depicted.

«We have to continue denouncing all these attacks because it’s the only way to end them, ”insists Santiago Rubio.


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