July 28, 2021

Agreement of budgets foresees to regulate the publicity of the game like that of the tobacco

Agreement of budgets foresees to regulate the publicity of the game like that of the tobacco

The agreement between the Government and Unidos Podemos for the general state budget (PGE) 2019 wants to promote a state regulation of the advertising of gambling and online gambling similar to the one that governs tobacco products.

This is one of the four measures agreed with the objective of "protecting the citizenship against addiction to gambling and gambling and gambling."

In the document of the "General State Budget Agreement 2019" it is explained that in recent years online gambling modalities have proliferated using "very aggressive advertising formulas linked to the image of famous people, usually successful athletes, or to bonuses. of free access ".

It also highlights that the broadcasts of football and basketball games are "flooded with ads that offer betting live", which makes this activity "very accessible" even for minors, which generates "serious problems of addiction and gambling "

As it is "essential to redirect this situation", PSOE and Unidos Podemos have agreed to the approval of a regulation of advertising of online gambling and gambling at the state level similar to that of tobacco products.

Also study the inclusion of measures of information, management and limitation of consumption in the regulatory framework of online gambling and betting, so as to reinforce healthy consumption and prevent and identify problematic patterns.

The agreement also establishes that the involvement of the operators of this sector in the development of information, prevention, awareness and reparation actions of the possible undesirable effects derived from the activity of gambling is reinforced.

Finally, it stipulates in the document that a percentage of the fee for administrative management of the game that online operators pay for preventive, sensitization, intervention and control initiatives, as well as reparation of the negative effects that can be allocated. derive from its consumption.

The past March already the PSOE advanced in a proposal not of law its intention to regulate this subject to achieve a better protection of the consumers.


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