April 14, 2021

Agreement for the legacy of Blasco Ibáñez to remain in Valencia | Culture

Agreement for the legacy of Blasco Ibáñez to remain in Valencia | Culture

Valencia, through its City Council, and the Blasco Ibáñez Foundation have reached a pre-agreement for the funds of the famous writer and politician born in the capital to remain in Valencia. The foundation, which owns part of Blasco's documentary fund, had threatened in recent weeks to take the legacy of the controversial Valencian author to a national institution based in Madrid if the Consistory presided by Joan Ribó it did not give better treatment to the historical patrimony of Blasco Ibáñez. The mayor confirmed this morning that the agreement is on track and the funds will remain in the House-Museum of the Valencian capital.

The agreement between both institutions will be closed in the coming days or weeks, will have a duration of five years extendable, and includes, among other objectives, the digitization of the hundreds of letters, photographs and documents displayed in the House-Museum of the Valencian beach of the Malva-rosa. The foundation had also asked for a budget, aside from the one consigned each year to the network of museums in the city, specifically to develop activities that make known the work and career of one of the illustrious sons of the city.

In addition to the 10,000 euros per year for the foundation itself, another 30,000 euros have been requested for the exhibition center. It is also in the portfolio, and it seems that the Consistory would be willing to reform the museum and modify the permanent exhibition. But all these extremes will be closed definitively soon.


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