agreement before three o strike

agreement before three o strike

Time is over. Or Ryanair is ready to accept the pre-agreement reached yesterday with the unions of the cabin crew (TCP) of several European countries, including Spain, or there will be a strike in the first half of January in several countries of the old continent.

Sitcpla and Uso, the two national centers in conflict, have given the airline until three in the afternoon today to ratify the agreement or call the stoppages. According to these unions, after several weeks of discreet talks with the mediation of the General Directorate of Labor, both parties had reached a pre-agreement that Ryanair refuses to sign because, they say, implies the progressive elimination of the ETT Crewlink and Workforce through the that Ryanair hires part of its crew. The conflict between the "low cost" Irish and its unions started months ago with the workers' claim that their respective national labor laws were respected and the conditions of all the TCP were equated, which, in practice, implies the suppression of these ETTs, through which Ryanair hires workers with other conditions.

The unions claim that they have proposed to Ryanair the progressive transfer of the workers of these two TEAs to the workforce based on their seniority and the creation of a national temporary employment agency that conforms to Spanish law to contract temporarily under the same conditions. than the rest of his classmates.

If the strike were to take place, it would be the third one that the Ryanair TCPs make after July and September.


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