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Probably, one of the most civilized symptoms of a society, or of a guild, is its ability to laugh at itself. With the French series Call My Agent we find that French actors and actresses are very civilized. A first season of six chapters (Cosmo) allows us to understand a usually unknown part of the film industry: the representatives or, as the series was originally called, "ten percent", and always with a tone of humor, but without acrimony.

The first conclusion after seeing it is that the agents earn more than the percentage. They work by piece so that their represented ones clear their frequent neurosis and their no less frequent whims. A profession, that of interpretation, so fragile and competitive often leads to insecurity, anxiety or nervousness, and it is the agents who have to extinguish the fires with patience and professionalism.

Each chapter narrates the problems of actresses and actors who interpret themselves. Nathalie Baye, Line Renaud, Françoise Fabian or François Berléand, among others, openly show their fears, if not their miseries. Add the proclivity of French fiction to the sentimental and the result is a series in which irony intelligently achieves that the syrup does not spill through the spectator's living room.

Avid actors to take part in a film by Almodóvar; mother and daughter who share the profession, but with tense personal relationships; divas in the third age to Norma Desmond who have shared the odd lover; the burden of an actor who has to jump into a pool, but can not swim ... situations of that territory unknown to the backstage mixed with loves and desamores of the own representatives while a fiscal inspector martyrizes to the company.

It is surprising, though, that the channel offers the first two seasons when the series is already in the fourth. Billy Wilder said it already: no one is perfect.


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