Agents of the Madrid National Police take statement from lex Bergantios in Lonzas - La Provincia

The captain of the Sports, Alex Bergantiños, is giving a statement to the National Police in Lonzas. Agents from Madrid have moved to A Coruña to know the version of the player.

Yesterday, leaked private audio from player in which he explained to his teammates the situation of the Fuenlabrada case and that "the league of 24 is impossible".

Now, the coruñés is in the barracks. There he moved too José Luis Queijeiro, member of the Board of Directors, to provide support. She informed the media that she is found there that the agents arrested Bergantiños on the street, without prior notice, and took her mobile to take her to Lonzas.

In addition to Queijeiro, other representatives of the leadership of the Coruña club have traveled to Lonzas to express the resounding support from the club to the footballer from A Coruña, team captain and symbol of sportsmanship. Upon arrival at the A Coruña barracks where Madrid agents take statements from the player, they have described the footballer's transfer to police offices as "shameful".

Deportivo has also shown his support for Álex Bergantiños on social networks.

Too AFE has shown today in a statement its resounding support for Álex Bergantiños. "AFE has already transferred its full support to Álex Bergantiños, putting at its disposal all the means and services of the union. AFE demands the utmost respect for Álex Bergantiños, a footballer with a long and impeccable history," proclaims the soccer team.

The mayor of A Coruña, Inés Rey, today described as "unheard of" and "shameful" that the police take a statement from the capital of Deportivo and has contrasted this circumstance with that the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, is not investigated.

Rey, a lawyer by profession, assured that that recording "has no criminal relevance whatsoever" and showed the "support, encouragement and recognition of the entire local government" to the captain of Deportivo.

For Rey, Bergantiños is that "a example of personal honesty and good sportsmanship "and he explained that in the published audio" there is only one reality. "He also contrasted this initiative with" nothing is happening "to" who has put at risk an entire soccer team and an entire city deliberately not complying with all health protocols, "referring to Javier Thebes, of whom he recalled that "he has personally assumed responsibility for that trip in conditions in which it could not have been done", for which he considered that "perhaps" he should be the one declaring.

The president of Deportivo, Fernando Vidal, denounced this Tuesday in relation to the Fuenlabrada case that the Coruña club is "an involuntary victim of a circus mounted from LaLiga." Vidal announced that he will request the president of the Higher Sports Council, Irene Lozano, the disqualification of Thebes "based on three pillars": "Abuse of authority, non-inhibition in a clear case of conflict of interest and repeated non-compliance with LaLiga regulations and competition rules that has done nothing but adulterate the same".

Vidal stated: "He has tried to humiliate us, trample us and run over us, and we are not going to allow it."


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