Agaete receives the groups from Africa and Russia that performed at the Festival de Ingenio - La Provincia

Today, the Belogorie groups of Russia and Les Super Anges Hwendo Na Bua of the Republic of Benin will perform at 20:30, in the town center of Agaete. Both formations were part of the program of the XXIV edition of the International Folklore Festival of Ingenio Solidarity Sample of the Peoples, which has just concluded in the municipality of southeast Grancanario, organized by the Choir and Dances Cultural Association of Ingenio. In this way, the aforementioned festival, declared a Festival of Tourist Interest of the Canary Islands, moves with its offer to other stages of the island, making it possible for other neighbors of Gran Canaria to also enjoy the traditional music and dance contained in the program offered since June 24 at Ingenio.

The Benin group, Les Super Anges Hwendo Na Bua, was founded in 1986 by Allade Coffi, director of the national ballet of the aforementioned country located in West Africa populated with more than eight million inhabitants. His rich costumes, his dances vodoun Traditional (some classified as World Heritage by Unesco) and others rescued from the Royal Court, are in total harmony with the centennial folk legacy of their people. In fact, the name of the group Hwendo Na Bua It means "who does not lose the traditions", basing his work on the will to transmit the wisdom of his ancestors. Some of these dances pick up the painful memory of the slavery to pay tribute to the hundreds of thousands of people who were captured, deported and enslaved, through the so-called Slave Route. The group is very much in demand internationally and has participated in important events, such as the Soccer World Cup held in South Africa in 2010. Angélique Kidjo, the singer and songwriter who has been nominated for Grammy awards four times

For its part, the Russian group Belogorie will offer popular songs and rich dances from the Belgorod region, as well as from other areas of Russia. Eight musicians and a large body of dance that sometimes shows up to seven different types of stage costumes, integrate this formation that emerged 47 years ago in the State of Belgorod. In 1996, they embodied the cultural program of Russia in the 26th edition of the Summer Olympics in Atlanta. His songs, singular jumps and the energetic gesticulation of the Belogorie Russian dancers sometimes reflect the work activity of the peasant and all his daily and festive life, which were differentiated in the past by the times of the year, the work and holiday calendar and strata social of the population.

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