After a week of the deflagration of a tank truck in Lima there are 22 dead and no responsible

Just over a week after the deflagration of a tanker truck carrying gas in Lima, there are already 22 people killed, while the Peruvian authorities still do not point to any person directly responsible for the tragedy.

The number of fatalities of the accident that occurred on January 23 in the district of Villa El Salvador, in the south of the Peruvian capital, rose in the last hours to 22 people, including a Venezuelan, according to official reports .

A report by the Supervisory Agency for Energy and Mining Investment (Osinergmin), published this Saturday by the newspaper El Comercio, concluded that the accident was mainly due to the poor condition of the avenue that ran the truck and the negligence of the company and its operators.


The tragedy occurred when a tanker truck loaded with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) suffered a fissure when passing through a large pothole between two avenues, which led to the leakage of fuel, which expanded rapidly through several nearby streets while the driver tried Control it desperately.

A few minutes later, the gas turned into a huge tongue of fire that traveled hundreds of meters when a neighbor apparently started his car, which began the deflagration that struck a whole apple in the face of panic from neighbors and curious people in the area.

In addition to leaving, at first, more than fifty wounded, most with severe burns, and a fatality, the fire destroyed three homes, cars and motorcycles parked nearby and caused serious damage to 14 other houses.


After the accident, the fatalities have increased day by day and already reach 22, with the possibility of being more numerous, given the large number of seriously injured.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported on the afternoon of this Saturday the death of a 15-year-old teenager, who was admitted to the National Institute of Child Health, in the Lima district of San Borja, with severe burns.

On Friday, the death of a 49-year-old woman who had suffered burns in 65% of the body and was admitted to the hospital in the district of El Agustino was reported.

Hours earlier, the Minsa also reported the deaths of four young men, including a 13-year-old teenager, all injured during the deflagration.

The Ministry also confirmed the receipt in its Tissue Bank of a donation of human skin sent from Brazil and the United States, which will attempt to save the lives of those injured with burns in more than 60% of the body.


Despite the seriousness of the accident, which has left dozens of families affected by the destruction and damage to their homes, the authorities have not yet determined the responsibilities of this case.

The Osinergmin report indicated that the tank truck was certified and met the requirements for transporting hazardous material, after which he assured that the cause of the gas leak "originated from the impact against a slope of the track that did not meet the technical standards corresponding. "

However, the newspaper El Comercio said it found that the vehicle had been modified to transport gas, since until 2011 it was a van and in 2013 a gas tank was placed.

The driver of the vehicle, a 72-year-old man, survived the accident and was released this week after being interrogated by the Police, after a court rejected a request from the Prosecutor to order his preventive detention while being investigated by the alleged commission of the crime of manslaughter.


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