Aforo control per camera

Before the celebration of a massive event, one of the keys for it to attend normally is to control the number of people there are. This control can be complicated to carry out exhaustively, but they are appearing innovators systems of charge control by camera.

In this way, the system will be able to have the number of people who enter, leave and are inside the event recorded at all times, making it easier to control the capacity in any place. In Applications and Technology We wanted to make this post to tell you the most interesting points of the charge control by camera and how it will help manage the events.

How camera capacity control systems work

Currently, there are different systems that have been developed to be able to carry out capacity control by camera effectively. These types of systems stand out for their people recognition and counting accuracy in a certain space.

This technology is very interesting, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, where capacity control became a reality to prevent the spread of the virus. Camera capacity control systems they work through an intelligent algorithm capable of detecting a person in a space.

This algorithm is capable of controlling the movements of the person, in terms of whether he enters or leaves a site. Likewise, you will also be able to control the times, the hour and the exact day in which said person has been, updating all the data in real time.

Another of the functionalities that can occur with the capacity control by camera is find out when there were more people at the eventand may also be useful to know if this has been a success or, on the contrary, not many people have attended.

control-of-foro-by-chamber of commerce

Advantages of camera capacity control systems

As we have said before, the control of systems by camera is the perfect tool to be able to know the number of people in a certain place. This technology is ideal to comply with the capacity recommendations for COVID-19, as we have mentioned before.

In addition to this advantage, for the commercial sector it would also be a great novelty to be able to know the people who enter and leave your establishment every day. These would be some of the Main benefits:

  • You can organize your work team adapting to the trends followed by your clients. This means that by knowing which areas of your business are busier, you will be able to place more staff in them.
  • In addition to knowing when someone enters and leaves, these systems are prepared to don't count re-enterers. This can be used to know the number of different people who have visited the establishment in a certain time interval.
  • You will get data from different important aspects, such as the hours with the highest concentration of people. In addition, you can get them in different formats.
  • Some of these camera capacity control systems have implemented a artificial intelligence able to make facial recognition.

Without a doubt, this is the future of capacity control. It is over that a person is placed at the door of an establishment, counting one by one the people who are entering and leaving the premises. The future presents us with many innovations typical of a science fiction movie, but which will undoubtedly make life easier for traders.

We hope you liked this post about the future of capacity control by camera. If you want to keep learning about all the news about the technology sector, don't miss any of our posts. web. We will wait for you!.