“Affordable housing is the most powerful instrument of the welfare state”

The new Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, has taken office in the Ministry with a speech focused on housing and mobility. They will be its two priority lines of action. His predecessor, Minister Ábalos, has pending the approval of the Housing Law, in discussion with the minority partner of the Government, and that of Sustainable Mobility.

"The dance begins", the 24 hours in which Sánchez revolutionized the Government

“The dance begins”, the 24 hours in which Sánchez revolutionized the Government

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“There are no rights and there is no dignity without housing. To speak of inclusion is to speak of housing and the right to have it at affordable prices. This is the most powerful instrument of the Welfare State and the source from which fundamental rights emanate” , has expressed the until now mayor of the Catalan municipality of Gavá. “Housing and work are the pillars of our dignity. Without housing there is no freedom, security or privacy. It determines aspects as basic as education or health. Its social function is unquestionable. While other governments conspired to destroy a public heritage that It belongs to all of us, you will hear me talk about heritage and you will see me in the front line of its defense “.

It should be remembered that, as mayor, Sánchez recently voted in favor of maintaining the declaration of a stressed zone in her municipality so that rents continue to be regulated under Catalan law.

The other key piece is the mobility strategy, as recognized by the already minister. “It has to be sustainable, safe and connected and it must get us to move away from fossil fuels,” he said. Sánchez has mentioned that pedestrians and “healthy and active modes, such as bicycles” must recover the space “conquered by the automobile” and that “this country has to fight its first battle for sustainability in the cities.” European funds will be the instrument for this.

The minister, who has presented herself as “a woman, socialist, environmentalist and Catalan”, thanked Ábalos for his work and stated that she hopes to be “at least half your height, because you have done an extraordinary job.” The event was attended by the former Minister of Health and current head of the opposition in the Parliament of Catalonia, Salvador Illa. There was no member of the Government.

Ábalos: “I am proud to have served Spain”

Former Minister Ábalos has said goodbye thanking all Ministry employees for their work. “It is a day of gratitude to the whole team. It is a great team that you meet, Minister,” he said. “One is the head to hit, the one who has to deal and mediate, but without the team it is not possible. I am proud of having served Spain.”

“Now that I have been collecting, one reviews and realizes the frantic pace with which we have lived. What was not clear to me is the impact of everything we had done. It has been three years: promotion to the Government after the motion of censure, electoral campaigns and a pandemic. Everything has affected the Ministry “, Ábalos has reviewed, who has also recognized that when he arrived he found” an underfunded ministry and an old culture “and that now he leaves” a strategic plan of Renfe, one of Adif and unlocked tons of performances. ”

Finally, Ábalos has affirmed that “this ministry has to be that of the cities” and has said goodbye in Catalan as a nod to his successor, with a “moltes gràcias and goodbye.”


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